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Dessert Ideas for a Party

Priya Johnson
A party, be it a wedding, baby shower, birthday or Christmas party has to end with dessert. With the scores of desserts available today, let's have a look at some easy party dessert ideas that one can use for the next party.
Who doesn't love dessert! Right from chocolate truffles to ice-creams to pies and tarts, all kinds of desserts that satiate the sweet tooth are welcome. Desserts put a lovely full stop to the entire event or occasion.
It leaves the guests happy at the end of the wedding, birthday party or baby shower. Presenting creative dessert ideas for party always wins the hearts of many guests. People love tasting something new and delicious!
Depending on the occasion, the dessert choice may vary. Dessert ideas for baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, etc. differ. However, there are no rules for which dessert is to be served at a particular party. The number of guests and theme will determine the kind of dessert you serve. Let's look at some dessert ideas for parties that one can try out!

Dessert Ideas for Weddings

Chocolate Fountain

The sight of rich Belgian chocolate cascading off the levels of the fountain is a fantastic, mouth-watering sight. It's a lot of fun to dip fruits, cookies, marshmallows, etc. into a chocolate waterfall and then relish it.
Such chocolate fountains are a hit at weddings and keep the fun and excitement going! With different dipping items like pretzels, wafer cookies, dry fruits, nuts, tea biscuits, fruits and anything that you think would go well with chocolate can be placed on the table for the guests to relish.
Chocolate fountains are great dessert ideas for large groups. The large number of dipping items give people an illusion that more than one dessert is being provided!

Ice-Cream Bar

Plain vanilla ice-cream with an array of toppings is sure to satiate the sweet tooth of guests at the wedding.
Platter of toppings such as fresh fruits, strawberry or chocolate sauces, sprinkles, whipped cream, cherries, nuts, caramel, etc. is sure to create a glamorous feel to your dessert corner.Ice-cream bars are great dessert ideas for weddings, as the variety and getting to choose one's own topping will interest the guests.

Dessert Ideas for Christmas

Christmas time is a time when the entire family gets together and celebrates the birth of Christ Jesus. It's a time when you can make special goodies and cheer your loved ones even further.

Chocolate Cakes with Liquid Centers

Chocolate lava cakes are a hit with all age groups. It's just a wonderful feeling to scoop into a cake and have chocolate lava ooze out of it. To make this cake one needs a few ramekins.
The ingredients required for this dessert recipe are semi-sweet chocolate, butter, granulated sugar, eggs and flour. Melt the semi-sweet chocolate and butter in a double boiler. Meanwhile in a bowl mix egg whites and sugar and beat it thoroughly till it begins to whiten.
Then pour the melted chocolate-butter mixture into the bowl of beaten sugar-egg mixture, all the while stirring continuously. Add flour and beat slightly. Then dollop out the mixture into buttered ramekins and bake for 10 minutes in a 350°F oven. Tip the ramekins over and serve hot plain or with ice-cream!
For more details about this dessert, have a look at chocolate lave cake recipe. This chocolate dessert is simply irresistible!

Turkish Delight

Turkish delight is a confectionery made with starch and sugar, that has a soft jelly like consistency.
There are different variations of Turkish delight such as rose Turkish delight, mint Turkish delight, banana almond Turkish delight, red-hot Turkish delight, etc. depending on the additions you make to the basic Turkish delight recipe.
This confectionery gained a lot of popularity in the movie, 'Chronicles of Narnia'. Thus, if you have lots of kids around the house during Christmas, you can satiate their sweet tooth with Turkish delight.

Dessert Ideas for Kids' Birthday Parties

Kids enjoy bright colors and enjoy shapes in their food. By adding a touch of creativity you can create a dessert that will truly keep your tiny-tot audience absorbed in their dessert.

Jelly Animals

Jelly is one of the most versatile dessert products available. It is great for kids' birthday parties, because they come in vibrant colors and shake all the way, thereby leaving kids captivated with it.
Who said jelly can be served only in the traditional way. It's up to us to use our creativity and use the different vibrant colors to the fullest. For a kid's birthday party one can prepare jelly animals that will keep them intrigued.
To prepare this dessert all you need is a few packets of colored gelatin and some animal shaped cookie cutters. Prepare the jelly as mentioned on the packet and allow it to set in a shallow tray. Once it has set, take a cookie cutter and press it into the jelly.
Using a broad knife to prevent the jelly from dropping, place the cookie cutter on a plate and gently release the jelly. Your animal jelly is ready. Do this with different cookie cutter shapes. Serve these animal shaped jelly pieces with ice cream.

Themed Cupcakes

Themed cupcakes are one of the popular kids' birthday party desserts, mostly because there's so much one can do with a simple cupcake. Depending on the theme fixed for the birthday party, one can go about the cupcake decoration.
For a circus theme, have cupcakes that resemble faces of clowns or even faces of animals, with marzipan or fondant. If it's a zoo theme, you can have cute animal faces made in different colors of marzipan on the cupcake. By buying appropriate cup cake liners, accentuate the theme!
While dealing with desserts for parties, remember, along with flavor, presentation is also very important. Well presented desserts make even simple desserts look exotic.