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Cute Short Poems for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

Deepa Karandikar
It's your boyfriend's birthday. Do you want to do something special that will make it memorable for him and strengthen your bond? How about wishing him 'Happy Birthday' by expressing your feelings with a short poem? Here are a few short poems that you could use. Take your pick...
Oprah Winfrey says that,
The more you praise and celebrate your life,
the more there is in life to celebrate.
And my dear, I say that,
since it's your birthday,
on celebrations we shall accentuate!
The relationship between a girlfriend and a boyfriend matures with each passing day. Beginning with a casual introduction, a handshake, or even a small disagreement, the acquaintance grows and a special bond develops. As they keep dating each other, it eventually happens that they cannot do without each other.
As they spend time in each others company, they begin trusting each other more and more. Amongst themselves, they share their thoughts, feelings, doubts, and even fears. They help each other in achieving their individual goals, and both enrich each others lives.
It is a common characteristic of all girlfriends that they remember and commemorate each development in a relationship. Especially if it's her boyfriend's birthday, she just wants to make it memorable for him.
We suggest that a poem and a cake baked by you will be a very thoughtful and loving gesture to him. While we leave it up to you to bake the cake, here's some help with the poem composing part.

Poem Appreciating His Qualities

On this day, __ years ago, (write his age)
God decided to give me the best beau.
He mixed joyfulness and mindfulness,
He then added helpfulness and mischievousness...
...And He topped it with creativity and intelligence.
Then He decided with all His prudence,
To call it _____________, (write his name)
The product of His genius and perseverance.

Happy Birthday Dear ____________,
You are a wonderful miracle that I have met.

Poem About Your Relationship So Far

When I first met you,
And sparks between us flew,
For me it was the beginning,
Of something fantastic and new.

Then we kept on dating,
And love blossomed with every meeting,
All my dreams came true,
When you first told me 'I love you'.

Today, as I wish Happy Birthday to you,
I cherish the camaraderie between me and you.

Poem for a Boyfriend Who is Far Away

We met each other and had great a time,
Then we parted ways to pursue our dreams.
But love knows no boundaries,
It keeps flowing between us, it seems...
...Now, it is your Birthday,
And we are far away.
Enjoy your Birthday and be happy,
But do remember me, my sweetie.

I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses,
For it is you my heart misses.

Poem Celebrating Your Bond

The bond that we share,
Is so beautiful and full of care.
You make me smile and laugh,
With your great attitude and flair.

So on your birthday,
I take the opportunity,
To wish the very best,
To a boyfriend so cute and witty.

Many Happy Returns of the Day,
May joy fill your every day.

Poem Giving a Promise As a Gift

On your Birthday,
I give you a special gift,
A promise that,
Between us there will never be a rift.

I shall always be on your side,
And be your friend, philosopher, and guide,
In me you can confide,
And I promise I shall never chide...
...I shall always strive to keep our love alive,
And thus our relationship shall thrive,
If you ever get bogged down,
You can come to me, and I shall vanish your frown.

Happy Birthday my dear,
If you are with me, I know no fear.

Poem With Your Feelings

It's your Birthday,
And a very special day too.
I was wondering what to do,
That would commemorate this happening.

So I decided to tell you,
All about what I feel for you.
I am in love with you,
In love with a person so good and true...
...I appreciate your kindness to everyone,
I adore your incredible talents,
I marvel at your beautiful eyes,
Because, innocence in them lies.

I wish you could be mine,
Our life would then be happy and fine.
If you are committed to your boyfriend and want to convey that to him, we suggest you come straight to the point, and tell him,

Happy Birthday to the love of my life,
from your girlfriend, I aspire to be your wife!