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Craft Ideas for Girl’s Birthday Party

Mayuri Kulkarni
Are you searching for some elegant craft ideas for a girls' birthday party? Here are some simple and easy-to-make craft ideas for girls.
A girls' birthday party is not simply limited to food, attractive clothing, and make up. When cute elegant crafts are made at the party, they make for some of the most memorable moments among friends.
The theory of 'learn and teach' during craft-making can help promote friendship between the girls in attendance. So, if you are looking to plan a party, here are some fun craft ideas that you can use.
There are a variety of craft items that can be prepared from scratch or those that can be decorated with some accessories, like, ready-made daily, flip-flops, headbands and t-shirts. Given below are some craft ideas for the same.

Picture Frame

To store the memories, a picture frame can be the best craft ideas for girlfriends. They can be crafted in two ways. Either start making one from scratch or decorate a simple, ready-made frame.
To prepare it from scratch, you will require some cardboard and decorative papers. Place all the decorative accessories like, ribbon, colorful beads, and glue on the table. Let the girls use their own combination of accessories and come up with a unique picture frame.
Later, you can gift each girl with a group photograph taken at the party. This will help them to cherish the party memories for a long.

Flip-Flops and Headbands

Flip-flops and headbands are very common accessories used by girls. To prepare these crafts, you need to buy some inexpensive headbands and flip-flops from the store. Ensure that the headbands are wide enough to decorate.
There are innumerable ways to decorate flip-flops and headbands. Provide the girls with supplies like colorful beads, buttons, ribbons, glitter, sequins, artificial flowers, artificial butterflies, etc. Hot glue should be used to hold these supplies on the flip-flops and headbands.


Slumber parties have gone beyond movies, gossips and staying up all night. Craft activities make for some of the best slumber party activities. So, why not make some beaded jewelry on the night of the party? Prepare necklaces and bracelets by using colored beads.
Plastic or glass beads can be easily purchased from any craft store. You will also require beading cords and needles to sequence the beads. This is a very simple craft and the girls can wear the jewelry made by them with immense joy and pride.

Keepsake Boxes

When you want to make craft from scratch, prepare keepsake boxes. You will require boxes, you can go for shoe boxes or craft boxes. Get colorful craft papers to cover and use teen magazine papers to do this job.
Provide the raw material to the girls and ask them to wrap their boxes with the help of tape or glue. You can also provide them with other accessories and glitter pens to decorate the box. For the keepsake boxes to last long, you can use clear polyurethane and spray it on them.
The ideas given here, were some easy-to-make craft ideas for girls' birthday parties. Making these crafts at the party equals to spending quality time with your friends. So, what are you waiting for, come up with some innovative craft ideas and make your birthday party a memorable night.