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Striking Cowgirl Party Ideas

Aastha Dogra Feb 25, 2020
Children love the make-believe world. They enjoy role playing too. If you have ever left your little girl alone with your cosmetics and clothes, you know what we are talking about! Now, imagine a bunch of girls together acting as cowgirls. Sure shot riot, don't you think?
If you are planning your little angel's birthday, and are looking for a good theme, then we will suggest you to have a cowboy western theme. Only, in this case, it will be a cowgirl party theme! Believe us, all the attendees will have a blast. Planning such a party is not so difficult either, provided you make use of some creative ideas. Here's some help...


The invitations should be so catchy and interesting that the invitees actually look forward to attending it. One of the most interesting ways is to write it on a bandanna. Deliver it yourself, and tell the parents that their daughter should come wearing it to the party.
You will definitely find lots of ready-made invitations for a cowgirl theme in a store.


When it comes to the decorations, the mantra is to be creative and think out of the box! Use cowboy boots as centerpieces, and place bright sunflowers in them.
Decorate the venue only with white balloons, and draw black colored cow spots on them with a permanent marker. Paste cutouts of horses, stars, and cactus on the walls, hang old pots, ropes and lanterns from the roof, and if possible, use cowboy hat printed tablecloths, plates, and cups.


The food should be filling, delicious and should lend authenticity to the theme. So, why not have a campfire? The children will love it, they can enjoy by dancing around it and at the same time gorge on roasted chicken, grilled vegetables, beef, and hotdogs.
Other food items that you can include are tortilla chips and salsa, pasta, baked potatoes, mixed fruit platter, baked beans and apple pie. As for drinks, you can keep lemonade. You can even make your own 'cactus juice' by mixing together a lemony soft drink and green food coloring.


For a kids' party, fun and engaging games are a must to keep the kids occupied. A fun game for a cowgirl theme is to keep a relay race. To play this game, you will need two huge tubs filled with water and two slightly smaller ones. Next, you divide your guests into two teams and make them stand in line at the side of the water filled tubs.
These teams have to take water from the large tubs in cups, run to the smaller tub, pour the water in it, and then come back and give the cup to the next one in their team, who repeats the same thing again. Give five minutes to each of the teams, and the one which fills more water in their respective tub, wins.
Another fun activity in the party is the 'cowgirl dressing game'. You will need two sets of cowboy boots, large sunglasses, cowboy hats, overalls, and a flannel shirt.
Next, call any two of your guests and ask them to start dressing up as a cowgirl as soon as you blow the whistle. The one who dresses up first is the winner, and gets a small prize from you.
Give small gifts to each of your guests so that they have something to remember the fun they had at the party. So, hand over favors, like coins made of chocolates or deputy badges or mint candles. Even if the gifts are small, the children will simply love them.