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Cool Birthday Surprises

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 26, 2020
If you are looking for ideas to make your friend's surprise birthday party an unforgettable one, delve a little deeper into what your friend likes or wants and try to give them just that!
Every person who denies liking surprises, is only telling a lie! They say so only out of modesty. So, if your friend has been dropping hints about not wanting a surprise birthday party, take it as he wants one!
Birthdays are the most special days and deserve to be treated with special love and attention. Planning cool birthday surprises takes meticulous efforts and precision, for the perfect delivery. Therein lies the biggest hint to make the party a huge success!

Spa Treat

A spa treat is a common gift. But when someone actually takes a note of the physical stress you are going through and gives you this comforting gift, the feeling is a priceless one!
A spa treat would be a brilliant birthday gift for your mom or your dad. As they have already passed the stage of loud parties, a soothing gift as such, would be really appreciated.
A day at a spa will pamper your parent and reduce the physical stress. A day spent like this, will help your parent get back home with a rejuvenated mind and a reinvigorated spirit, as opposed to a stressed out soul after work.


Spending quality time with you, on his birthday is all that your boyfriend will want. Surprise him with a vacation on his birthday. Before his birthday probe a little into in vacation spots. For instance, if he likes the sea, then look for places that will offer you some water activities.
On the other hand if he prefers the mountains, then look for places that have hiking activities. If either of you are working, then taking a holiday around the weekend, will be a preferred idea.
However, if he is planning to take an off on his birthday, you can time your holiday around the same time and plan a vacation for the two of you accordingly.

Surprise Visit

This birthday surprise is meant for couple in a long distance relationship. Staying away from each other can get to you after a while. This is when the relationship starts losing its charm and it gets frustrating.
Additionally, if you cannot be with your loved one, on their birthday it just makes the whole day seem worthless. Give her a surprise visit on her birthday and make her day the most special one ever. No gift will ever be able to match up to a surprise gift like this one.

An Experience

Life is all about the garnering rich experiences. This birthday, surprise the person with an experience of a lifetime.
Bungee jumping, a ride in a hot air balloon, wine stomping, white water rafting, wildlife safari, rock show or a concert are some of the unusual experiences worthy of a gift. It is the risk, that makes these adventures worth every moment of it.
Seeing an art exhibition or doing something that you've never done before would surely make a great birthday gift.
Birthday gifts are supposed to be special and unique. A good birthday surprise will show the person how much you care. It takes a great deal of planning to throw a surprise party, so you need to start early. Make sure all the preparations are well in place before you rope the birthday person in the activities.
If you are the one planning the surprise, remember it is the effort that goes into making a surprise birthday party that matters more than what it actually is. So, do not reel under the performance pressure. Just do your best and be yourself.