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Useful Tips for Hiring a Birthday Party Clown

Stephen Rampur
Choosing clowns for birthday parties is an easy task. You simply need to select one or more and ensure that they will make the party entertaining. Here we give you different tips for hiring clowns.
Parents try their best to throw a birthday party for their children that they will never forget. But, searching for ways to entertain a crazy group of kids is not always easy. Hiring a clown may be the best alternative to provide entertainment to children.
When it comes to amusement in kids' birthday parties, clowns play a very important role in entertaining the whole crowd. They are professional entertainers who are trained to keep the children tittering with delight, while providing time for adults to relax and savor the party.
They are responsible for participating in different kinds of games and contests along with all the children. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before hiring them.

Tips to Hire Clowns for a Birthday Party

Before hiring a clown, you should ask your kid as to what type of a party he/she would desire to have. You may not want to hire clowns if your child does not really like them, or if he/she does not like that sort of entertainment.
You will need to decide well in advance if you want a clown for the party. As clowns are professional entertainers, it is crucial to book early if you want to make sure that the best clown in town is present at the birthday celebration.
Ask for recommendations and references from family members and friends who had hired a clown before. If it is your first time to hire a clown for entertainment, then you would probably need to ask for references.
If you have already hired clowns for your parties before, then you know where to look for them.
You can also get in touch with talent agencies in your locality or check out some online entertainment agencies for finding clowns in your area.
Watch some online talent videos, or attend an event or occasion where the prospective clown will be entertaining. You will need to see ways and techniques used by the clown to entertain the people around, just to know if they are suitable for your party guests and children.
Determine what type of clown you would prefer at the party. There are many different types of clowns, some particularize in kids' amusement, some provide special activities for Christian or faith-based groups, while others are experts in face painting and juggling.
You can even select a clown who has a puppet show as a part of his activity, rides a unicycle, and tells some good and interesting stories.

Few More Tips

Notice how the clown communicates with both grownups as well as kids when you go to an event to do a review of their activities.
A clown might appear funny, but if he is inimical to the invitees or uses improper material in acts, you need to carry on with your search.
When hiring clowns, ensure that there is a written contract, which you will need to go through carefully to preclude any miscommunication regarding the fees, party date, party venue, and the services of the clown.
Convey clearly as to what exactly you need in a party.
It is better to determine in advance if the clown will get his own props and materials, or if you will need to provide him with all the necessary items like balloons or face paint.
Talk about the extra charges like deposits or cancellation fees with the entertainment service provider, and also ensure that the written agreement is included in the contract.
Make sure that you do a follow-up with the clown as well as the entertainment agency a few days before the birthday party to ensure that everything is on the right track.
For hiring clowns, simply make sure that you select the one who is suitable for all kinds of guests present at the party. Choose an appropriate clown for your kid's birthday party who will ensure that the kids never forget the fun and enjoyment they receive throughout the party.