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Interesting Class Reunion Invitations

Abhijit Naik
Class reunions are fun, not just because you meet your old pals, but also because you get a chance to relive those good old days. So if you are planning a reunion, here are some ideas and sample invitations which will help you get going with the proceedings.
One fine day, when you are cleaning your room, you bump into your old diary or an album with your school pictures. 10-20 years down the lane life has changed a lot. While going through these pictures you only wish you could relive those times.
Now that's something which happens to everybody out there... While most of us simply mumble 'life moves on' and put these memories aside, others look forward to relive them.
If you belong to the second lot of people, the idea of a 'grand reunion' is bound to send you into a tizzy. After all what better way to meet all you school pals, but a grand reunion. Yes, you can go ahead and plan a reunion for your classmates, and they will fall short of words to thank you for this.

Class Reunion Invitation Ideas

One of the most important aspect of any reunion is the invitation for the event. You can either choose to write a formal invitation or a humorous one; you only need to make sure that the invitation reflects the mood of the reunion party.
 You recollected those good old days when you came across the old class picture, so there are chances that this picture will have a similar effect on other people from your class. You can simply add this picture to your invitation. 
Most of your classmates must have got busy with their lives, but the moment they come across this picture, they will also forget everything and immerse themselves in those good old memories. Rest assured, they will promptly confirm their presence for the event.
You can also mention the one-of-a-kind activity that took place in your school in the invitation. A couple of pictures of your high-school gathering or prom or some parody that you came up with are bound to open the floodgates of memories.
Yet another brilliant idea is to opt for invitation cards which allow you to record songs and send them. If you intend to use such recordable invitation cards, you can either record your school anthem or some music track which was popular back then.

Some Sample Invitations

With great pride and joy
Class of 1987
invites you to our
25 Year Class Reunion!

December 21, 2012

Meet & Greet at 05:30
Cocktails at 06:30
Dinner at 07:30

Wear the coolest outfit you can lay your hands on!
It's hard to believe it's been 50 years!

Come and Reminisce
with the
Class of 1962
St. Xavier High

Date: __/__/__

Venue: __________
Cocktail: ________
Dinner: _________

Really hope to see you there!
Reunion of Brooklyn High
Class of 1975

21st December, 2012

You are cordially invited
to Rock Around the Clock

Venue: ______
Time: ______

We are pleased to announce
Abington High's

1987 Class Reunion

When : __________
Where : _________

Please join us for a night of glamor and elegance as we celebrate our 25 Year Reunion!

For further details call (XXX)XXX-XXX or mail xxxxx@xyz.com
You can make the necessary changes, and fine-tune your reunion invitations to make them more appealing. It's important that you make these invitations appealing, and all the tips mentioned are meant to help you do that.
Add some fun class reunion activities that you would like to pull off at the event to ensure that you have a well-planned get together, which is as good as these invites.