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Class Reunion Decorations

Parul Solanki Feb 22, 2020
Class reunions are a great way of bringing back the good old days of carefree fun and laughter. If you are planning a reunion party, then take a look at some of these class reunion decorations, to make your event a perfect celebration.
Have you recently heard comments like, "I can't believe how much weight she gained" and "look how good looking Mr. Dork is now!", "What, you have 10 kids!", "I am so glad I didn't marry!" ...Well, that is just a part of the fun of attending a class reunion party.
Planning out a class reunion is a perfect way to bring back your oldest and nearest classmates, whom you may have lost touch with and reminiscence the good old days of fun and laughter.
As you reconnect with the old memories, revisit the old stomping grounds, and see where everyone has ended up, there are many things that you need to keep in mind while planning out the reunion.
Now that you have zeroed in on the guest list and venue, and planned out the class reunion activities for your party; it is time to deck up the reunion venue with party ideas and decorations to keep the reunion goers talking all night!

Decorations for Class Reunion

At the time of choosing the decorations, you need to think about what the people, area, and school you attended, and use this information to develop a theme. There are many ideas that you can choose from. Based on the chosen theme, the decorations can be planned out.
An easy "filler" for class reunion decorations is to deck the entrances of the venues with balloons and streamers in the school colors. For example, if your school colors were blue and white, then pick party decorations in the same color.
Create a space where the people can look at the yearbooks from all years. Accent it with trophies from your graduating year, along with uniforms of the major sports teams of the time, the cheerleaders uniform, the graduation cap, along with the school banner.
Create a huge collage of the related photos and the newspaper clippings. You could compile a group of pictures from your old yearbook and blow them up. Place these photos on the wall and watch, as your friends look at pictures in order to reminisce about the good old times.
A great idea for reviving the great memories is to put up the "then and now" pictures of the attendees. Ask your classmates to send their current photos and place them against their graduation photos. You can add photographs of the senior class president, prom king and queen, favorite teachers on the memory board, along with captions about these people.
Place the graduation year number on the wall by either making signs or cutting the numbers out of construction paper. Alternately, get creative and order number-shaped balloons to represent the year of your graduation or perhaps the number of years since graduation.
The class reunion table decorations need not be drab and boring. You can craft a clever centerpiece for the tables, such as placing two to three stacked textbooks or keeping wrapped empty coffee cans in solid colored paper, resembling your school's colors. These cans can be filled with water and a flower placed in them.
You can also choose to make each table centerpiece different. You can use a trophy for one table, a graduation cap for another, while a framed picture of the entire class or a couple, can be placed on some other table.
This may sound silly, but ensure that you have a check in station and create name tags for the attendees. After all, you do not want your reunion party to be a spoiler with people struggling to remember names.
A class reunion is a special event for each person, be it their tenth or their fiftieth. It is the time when you remember your days as a kid. So ensure that your decorations are creative and inspire memories of the past.