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Circus Birthday Party

Priya Johnson Feb 11, 2020
If you're looking for a fun and colorful theme for your child's birthday party, then the circus theme is definitely worth considering. The clown, the ringmaster, the roaring lion, and various other elements are sure to keep the kids intrigued all through the party...
Birthday party themes add a touch of excitement to the evening, and give kids something to be mesmerized by. Holding a theme party, specially a circus theme that involves various elements may seem daunting, mainly due to the financial strain it can cause.
However, if you make the decorations, invitations, and various other elements yourself, you are sure to save a lot of money. Just make sure you start preparing a few months in advance, so you have the time to plan everything in a budget-friendly manner.

How to Organize a Circus-theme Birthday Party?

While organizing such a birthday party, you need to incorporate the elements of a circus in the invitations, cake, decorations, games, etc.


You can either design your invitations on the computer and then print them out, or make them by hand, but the printed versions are more practical.
To maintain the theme, design the invitations in the form of circus entry tickets, wherein you have the details of the party written down as the information given on tickets. Design them however you want, just make sure you showcase the theme well.


Merry-go-round, circus clown, or circus train cakes are splendid cake options to have as the birthday centerpiece. Place an order or bake it yourself. Having animal-theme cupcakes is also an interesting way to showcase the theme.


In terms of decorations, get plenty of colorful balloons, streamers, and circus banners with different circus one liners to enhance the theme. You can also make or buy a piƱata, filled with all kinds of goodies and tiny animals toys.
Handing out animal masks, balloon animals, and clown wigs will increase the fun quotient of your party. For birthday favors, you can fill the goody bags with animal stickers, stamps, clown noses, bouncy balls, circus cups, crayon packs, etc. To keep the kids engaged, how about conducting fun activities like face painting, balloon painting, etc.


Party foods like cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, and soft drinks complement the circus theme well. Serve the popcorn in red and white cartons to spice the theme.
If your budget allows it, rent a popcorn machine to accentuate the theme! Similarly, you can also try renting a cotton candy machine.


The types of games you choose will depend on the age group of the kids. If the kids are around 7-12, you could have face painting games, wherein the kids can be divided into pairs and asked to paint each other's faces.
You can also have a friend dress like a clown and entertain the kids. For smaller kids, here are two simple games:
Animal Sound Contest...
Ask each kid to pick his or her favorite circus animal, and mimic the sound it makes. This is a wonderful game that fills the air with laughter and entertainment. Moreover, the birthday videos turn out hilarious!
Ringmaster Commands...
Have an adult to be the ringmaster, and to add to the excitement, get him a hat and a whip. The ringmaster is to sit in the center of the room and place orders like, 'ringmaster wants a balloon', and all the kids have to scurry around the room looking for one.
The one who presents the balloon to the ringmaster first is the winner, and he or she gets a small stuffed animal. You can give whatever toy you want as the prize.
A circus-themed birthday party is always a winner, because it involves colors, animals, and lots of fun. Planning this theme will surely be a wonderful way to make your child's birthday a memorable one.