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Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Aastha Dogra Feb 16, 2020
When your budget is low, you need to think of creative ways to gift something special to the man in your life. Find out some of the best inexpensive, yet interesting and heartfelt birthday gifts for him.
It is said that the most valuable things in this world do not cost anything. Love, a very precious emotion, can make a person feel happy and satisfied, more than any material thing.
So, for those women who feel that just because they do not have enough money, they won't be able to gift that special someone something good, let us tell you, you are mistaken. Agreed, most men are not as sentimental or romantic as women, still, they too would love to receive something that has all your love wrapped around it, even if it is inexpensive!

Romantic and Cheap Birthday Presents for Him


Plan a picnic with your man to a beautiful garden in your city.
In case you live near the seaside or in a hilly area, plan a picnic on a beach or a mountain top. In other words, choose a beautiful location, take the day off from work, pack some good food, and spend the day talking and romancing with him.

Hand-made T-shirt

For those of you looking for creative birthday gift ideas, painting a T-shirt yourself at home is an easy and inexpensive option. So, get a plain white T-shirt and a few paints and brushes, check out the Internet for some good designs, and make the same on the T-shirt.
If painting is something you have never done before, you can even think of writing some fun or meaningful quotes on the T-shirt. This gift costs less, but the time devoted by you in making it will not go unnoticed by the one it is meant for.

Dinner, Dance, and Romance

If you have heard that there are only three things that men need to live happily, i.e., good food, sex, and a newspaper, it is true! So, cook his favorite dishes at home and arrange for a romantic candlelight dinner.
Let him gorge on some delicious food on his birthday, with you by his side! Post dinner, play some romantic numbers and slow dance with your man. Romance him, seduce him, and make his day unforgettable.

Personalized Boxers

Get a pair of boxers for him on which your name is printed. You can easily order such boxers on the Internet and they don't even cost much. When your man looks at them, he is sure to have a hearty laugh and whenever he wears them he will have a goofy smile on his face.

Movie Gift

Men love to watch thriller, horror, and action movies. So get an assortment of some of the best movies in these genres, such as 'The Sixth Sense', 'Speed', 'Psycho', 'The Matrix', 'The Mummy', 'Pulp Fiction', 'No Country for Old Men', etc.


When it comes to dressing up for the occasion, men have no clue what to wear. So, why not take him to a clothes store and get him some good clothes? This way you get to choose what he wears, and he will be thrilled on getting the attention from you.

A Food Basket.

Make some delicious cakes, pastries, brownies, truffles, candies, chocolates, and cupcakes, wrap and place them in a cute gift basket, and then give it to him. As a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, this gift will find much appreciation from him.

Gift Voucher!

If you are not sure of any the suggested gift ideas, give him a gift voucher. This way he has the freedom to choose any gift that he wants, plus you no longer have to rack your brains scouting for the apt gift!
Although the gifts given here are inexpensive, if you give them with all your love, they will be received with a lot of gratitude. There are no special tricks and techniques to convey your love for him. All we can say is that love and care for your man not just on his birthday, but always; that is the best thing that you can ever gift him!