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Essential Catering Tips

Charlie S

An important occasion is round the corner, like a wedding or a birthday. Need some essential catering tips? Let's take a look.
To think of effective ways of catering for parties can be quite a daunting task. Whether you're planning a baby shower or a birthday party, the stress levels involved are at an all time high. To make things easier for you, given here are a few essential points that can be considered, for making any party a runaway hit.

Catering Tips You Cannot Miss

» If you are catering the event yourself, then choose the food items according to your guest's preferences, and ensure that you prepare them to perfection. You would definitely need talented cooks for preparing for such a huge crowd. Therefore, intimate them in advance to avoid last-minute hassles of non-availability of cooks.
» To earn the respect and praise of your guests, make sure that the quality of food served is impeccable. Quality checks for the food can be done by getting the food tasted by someone, other than the cook.
» As many people are turning vegetarian these days, it would be great to serve options, which cater to both veg and non-veg lovers.
» Next, comes the seating arrangement. The venue should be large and spacious, to avoid over-crowding and for the smooth movement of people in the party area.
» Have good-quality tables and chairs to make the guests feel comfortable. You can decorate the tables and chairs with flowers and ribbons for a great visual effect.
» Use good-quality material for cups, glasses, and dishes. The food arena should be at a sufficient distance from the seating place.
» You can complement the food with the occasion, to add that extra punch to the extravaganza.
For baby showers, you can include pizzas, sandwiches, and some potato chips. Wedding cakes made of apple sauce and carrot can be one of the best dessert options. The way you end up decorating the food items for a nuptial knot can also be quite the show stealer.
» Apart from having theme-based food items, you can also choose amongst the most popular items such as bruschetta, rolls, cabbage, pasta, cucumber soup, tomato soup, beans, spinach, other salads, nuts, ice creams, etc.
» To further please your invitees, you can have a variety of ice cream options such as chocolate, mango, butter scotch, and strawberry so that the guests can gorge on their favorite flavors. The kids are going to love this section the most.
» You can also opt to have fruits and fruit dishes in the menu, with apples being the best-loved option.
One can also refer to menu books and other websites for more ideas on food and decoration.
Even if you are not doing the catering job yourself, and have hired a professional caterer, you can always suggest ideas to get the work done as per your specifications.
Be very particular when you give instructions regarding where, how, and when the food has to be served, to avoid last-minute confusion. Rest, make sure to not lose your cool, to enjoy the journey from the start till end, and bask in the glory of a well-executed event.