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Carnival Decoration Ideas

Sujata Iyer Mar 4, 2020
Carnival decoration ideas should all revolve around a particular theme and should do it complete justice with regards to the color scheme, the materials used and also the placement of various decorative items. This story will share some such ideas that you can use while planning your next carnival party.
One of the most popular themes for kids' parties is the carnival theme. There's something about its playful grandeur that appeals to both, kids and adults. Kids love all the games and artists that they see and adults know that it is one of the most common and easiest parties to plan.
The most important aspect of a carnival party, is undoubtedly the decorations! They are eye-catching, loud and fun! They bring out the actual feel of the party. This PartyJoys article will give you some ideas on how you can go about decorating a carnival with some extremely fun themes.

Ahoy, me Hearties!

Here's one of the best ideas for carnival decoration, especially if it's a little boy's birthday that you're planning. Pirates and their notoriety are quite popular among little boys, so this is a perfect theme. You can have huge banners proclaiming that the guests are entering the peculiar ship of a famed pirate.
You can also have blown up posters of pirate cartoons hanging with a 'WANTED' note beneath them. You can have eye patches distributed to the kids as they enter and have crossbones and other such things hanging from the different booths.
The lighting for a pirate theme can be a little on the darker side, so you can cover up the lights with a slightly dark paper or cloth.

Clowning Around

The all time favorite, when it comes to a carnival party is clowns! Choose this for a kids' party and you'll never go wrong. Have the entire place decorated in bright, loud colored and huge polka dots. Have streamers in bright colors adorning all the booths and every beam and pillar in the area.
You can have colorful helium balloons hung from the different booths. You can give each kid a balloon as he or she enters. Have pictures of clowns hung at different places and also have real clowns mingling with the guests, entertaining them. You can also have a life size clown statue made from cardboard or thermocol in the center of the area.

Once Upon a Time...

If it's a little girl's party that you want to make special, then go for a fairytale theme. At the entrance, the kids will receive a tiara or a staff, depending on if it's a girl or boy. Then, inside you can have different booths representing different fairy tales like Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Thumbelina, Rumpelstiltskin, etc.
Each booth must be decorated to depict the particular fairy tale that it represents. The people at the booths will be dressed like characters from the fairy tales. Every little girl's fantasy come true!

Orient Express

Another quite interesting idea is an Oriental theme. Add an Asian flavor to your carnival to make it both unique and enjoyable. Have the entire venue decorated in a red and gold theme. Hang paper lanterns with Oriental prints on them at different places.
Have booths also decorated with wind chimes, images of Buddhas, fans, bells, and other such items that represent the Orient. Have a huge paper dragon made and place right at the center of the venue. At food stalls, serve authentic Oriental cuisine.

Viva Las Vegas

Now it's time for a luxurious idea that uses the casino theme. Set up booths with gambling games that give prizes instead of money. Have a lot of lighting within the venue to brighten up the atmosphere. Have string lights and streamers all around the place. You can also get fake currency notes from a toy store and make streamers out of them and hang them all around.
There are many more carnival party decoration options that you can explore. Just keep some basic points like the color scheme, the age and number of guests attending and also make sure you use materials that do not pose any sort of danger to the guests. A carnival can get quite noisy and sometimes accidents may occur. So make sure you always have a first aid kit handy too. Enjoy!