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Bonfire Party Tips

Shrinivas Kanade Mar 3, 2020
Bonfire parties are fun on cool winter nights for people to gather around and enjoy themselves in the warmth of the fire.
There is no better way of spending some time with your relatives or friends than at a bonfire party with music and good food. A bonfire, with its enveloping mellow light, is best enjoyed with a few intimate friends. It usually takes place outdoors, so you do not have to worry about having a messed up house after the party is over.

Managing the Fire-Pit

Before preparing for the other party arrangements, you should look for an appropriate place for bonfire. The bigger the bonfire you want to make, the safer the place should be. Check with your local authorities such as fire department, about the rules and regulations of starting a bonfire at a particular spot.
Choose a place that does not have overhead power lines, telephone poles, and structures, especially those made of wood. Make sure to stay clear of plants, trees, and dried grass. Dig a fire pit that is about 12-18 inches deep and line its rim with stones for added security. This ensures that the burning pieces of wood do not come in contact with anyone.

Ideas for the Party

You can go through a number of party themes before deciding on one. When you do, let the others know about it by sending party invitations to each of them.Your guests can also work upon the theme and also be suitably attired. Choose a theme that would suit the place of the bonfire party.
It matters especially when you are having the get together on the beach or at your farm. A party theme will make the dress codes apparent and easy-to-follow. You can have a theme or a dress code that every guest has to follow. You can also opt for some stylish winter jackets and other funky outfits that give a nice casual look.

Music and Dance

In a bonfire party, you can share lots of stories and personal experiences that can help you to bond with your guests. After the theme has been finalized, it's necessary to find the right music that will jell with the theme. Or you can extend your guest list to invite someone who plays the guitar or is a musician.
People love to hear guitar music and country music played at such a setting. A solo or a duet in tune with the guitar or couples doing salsa or hip-hop can make your party memorable.


Fireworks look great in the dead of the night with the pulsing stars. However, there are some safety tips related to fireworks that we need to consider. Be careful to buy fireworks with the mark BS 7114 on it. Maintain them at arm's length while igniting them and once you do it, don't touch it, whether they explode or not.
Don't forget to buy sparklers. Light them put back to the bonfire and watch them drive the night away. Keep an eagle eye on the children lighting the fireworks. It is necessary to remember that alcohol and fire don't go well together.
The fireworks music by Handel or Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture will go well with the firecrackers and so will the Chariots of Fire by Vangelis or the memorable Light My Fire.

Games and Food

You can serve baked potatoes which are cooked in the bonfire. What makes them delicious is the slow cooking time. Before putting them in fire, wrap them in the tin foil. Let the treacle toffee, dark, and sweet, follow the backed potatoes as the party food.
You can also have traditional wiener roast, make sure to have long skewers handy to avoid burning your fingers. Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars could be used to make S'mores. Stick to finger food and dishes such as hotdogs, burgers.