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Organizing the Perfect ‘Bob The Builder’ Birthday Party

Mayuri Kulkarni Feb 16, 2020
Are you about to celebrate the next birthday of your kid, and want to make it special? Why not arrange a Bob the Builder birthday party and add more fun to it? Read on to know how you can arrange one.
Bob the Builder, the famous television cartoon series for preschooler kids, is one of the popular birthday party themes used these days. Kids love this television series, and they will surely enjoy one that will depict their favorite hero.
This theme is one of a kind, with a wide scope of being innovative and enhancing the fun at the party. Interested to know how to make arrangements for it? Here's how you can proceed with it.

Choosing the Invitations

Sending invitations to the guests is an important factor, while arranging a birthday party. When Bob the Builder is your party theme, search for related invitation cards. There are a number of websites from where you can download design patterns and print them. These cards are templates, with spaces for the name of the guest, venue, and time of the party.
You can even design an invitation card with customized labels; for example, call the venue as construction site. Add a note on the invitation card, requesting guests to wear orange T-shirts and denim jeans. Come up with innovative ideas, and decorate the invitation card with things related to this beloved character.

Decorating the Venue

Decorating your house or the venue of the party is necessary. Use colors that Bob the Builder has on his clothes and accessories. Orange, blue, and yellow make some of the best colors for this party theme.
Use banners like "Caution: Party Fun Ahead, Party Going On", and put them outside the venue. Decorate the venue with balloons and toy trucks. Use the character's posters to decorate the walls. You will require related supplies to increase the fun quotient of the party. Prepare small pits outside the venue to create the feel of a construction site.

Shopping for Party Supplies

Due to growing popularity of this particular party theme, many party stores keep supplies related to it. The list of these supplies is as follows:
♦ Plates
♦ Glasses
♦ Blowouts
♦ Napkins
♦ Table Covers
♦ Birthday Banners
♦ Dessert Plates
♦ Hammer
♦ Construction Hats
♦ Emblems for T-shirt
♦ Cutlery
♦ Pinata
♦ Balloons
♦ Stickers/Tattoos
If you do not want to buy them, you can be creative and prepare the items listed here on your own. The very important part of a birthday party is the cake. You will require a regular cake that has icing, depicting the construction process by Bob the Builder.
You can ask the bakery nearby to prepare a customized one; use small toy cars to decorate it. For the party menu, you can include sandwiches, juice, and many more food items.
It is a tradition to give your guests birthday party favors. With this party theme, you can present the yellow-colored hats to children.
Else, you can buy some toy traffic cones, and fill them with candies. If the budget is more, then you can buy Bob the Builder toys and gift them as party favors. So, what are you waiting for. Go ahead and arrange a spectacular birthday party for your kid, and have a blast.