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Black and White Party Ideas

Stephen Rampur
One of the most elegant black and white party ideas is to add silver and other theme-based shades at the venue. Read the following story to find out some useful tips that will help to make the event happening.
If you are planning to have a different atmosphere in a party you are about to host, you can consider a black and white party theme for the setting. This kind of theme would seem a bit different from the conventional parties filled with vivid colors.
The best thing about hosting it is that the decorations and all arrangements can be made at the most inexpensive cost. As the name suggests, this kind of party should include almost all the things in various shades of black and white color.
This event can be decided on any occasion, be it a birthday, dance, kids' party, etc. One important point to note is that, for this theme, silver can be considered an appropriate color.


In a black and white-themed party, if the setting, venue, and decorations are supposed to be in the appropriate format, then why not the invitations? The guests may instantly come to know about its theme by looking at the way the invitations are made and decorated.
You can make an invitation with black color, and stick small white punched-out dots in random order. A silver or a white bow or ribbon can be included with the invites. You can even consider adding black-and-white pictures on the invitations.

Dresses and Apparel

Some of the guests would come appropriately dressed for the party by referring to the invitation. However, it is always better to mention in the invitation that a black-tie attire has to be worn. Ladies can surely wear silver jewelry and accessories. If guests come dressed in a different dress code, it will spoil the look of the party. It is a good idea if you keep some theme-based apparel ready for guests of such sort.


Black and white color should be included significantly in the decorations of the party venue. Instead of a red carpet, you can put a theme-based one at the entrance. When it comes to table decorations, you can put a checkered tablecloth and arrange for accessories that are white in color.
Silver accessories can be placed on the table. Black and white balloons will also increase the beauty of the venue. For flower arrangements, consider using flowers such as lilies and white roses. If you are considering dancing for the party, you can set up silver disco balls to enhance the mood.


Ask the party photographer to click pictures in black and white mode. The appropriate ones can be stored as a souvenir or given away as party favors to the invitees. For guests to note down their wishes for that day, you can arrange for a black poster board and pens at a suitable place at the venue. This will certainly serve as a great memento for this party.
These are some good ideas that you can think of when planning to host such a party. Make it a point to keep most of the things in the setting in black or white color.