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Black and White Party Decoration

Mukta Gaikwad
Parties are great fun if they have greater themes. It gives the venue the much-required ornamentation, and the guests get a chance to sport their wildest imaginations. Some of the black and white party decoration ideas for various themes are one of them that use these contrasts.
Thematic parties are incredible fun and do make up for some special memories. They allow guests to express themselves in a way they never do. Here's your chance to throw a party with black and white themed party decorations that can be used for themes such as 'night and day', 'opposites attract', 'a game of chess' or 'devil or angel'.
These very interesting decorations, as it will give you a huge scope to express your creativity and get your guests in high spirits (pun intended). With some amazing black and white party ideas, the night will surely be remembered for quite sometime!

The Theme

You want to throw a party, but you don't know how to do to it. To get the clear picture of what you want to do at the party, decide on a party theme.
Some interesting black and white party themes are 'Angels and Demons', 'Women in Black' and Men in White', 'Black and White Era', 'Color Blind', 'Film Rolls from '60s' and 'Gothic'. The themes are self-explanatory, so working with and around them would be easy.

Some Party Ideas

Once you know what exactly the theme is, decorating the place will be a lot easier. You can't turn your house into black and white.
Decking up your house in black and white decor, will be easy if you visit a second hand store for some black and white party supplies. Depending on the theme, cover your furniture with black and white party decoration.
Usually, the other side of curtains is white, so just turn them over. If your party theme is something like 'Film Reels and Roles from the '60s', then make lovely centerpieces with old photo reels that are lying around. Just click for information on party ideas.

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Black lampshades will add to the dim light effect and a white will make a few corners brighter. You can also make a few black centerpieces by painting dried flowers. Dipping the flowers in black ink overnight will also turn them black, to make those gothic centerpieces.

The Invitations

Invitations are a great way of setting the mood and creating a curiosity amongst your guests. Design your black and white party invitation which will gel with the theme, so that the guests know what to expect and what to look forward to.
For instance, if your theme is 'Angels and Demons', send Halos with the Angel invitation card and Devil's Horns with the Demon's cards. Bring a little twist to it, by picking the Angels and Demons at your party before they turn up, and send the invites accordingly.

Break the Code

A black and white party theme gives you a fat chance to break the regular norms of a party.
Set a dress code in the invite too so that your guests won't seem out of place. It would be fun to see the attendees turn up in never-worn-before costumes! And if your party is formal, then it's time to get out that pretty black and white party dress.

One Of a Kind Birthday Party

A black and white birthday party theme is also a great idea that's rarely used. Have a unique and out-of-this-world birthday party for yourself or for your loved ones with an insane black and white birthday party! Wonder what the menu will be?
Decorations for black and white party theme are easily available in every decoration shop nearby. If you don't want to spend that much, you can make it yourself too. Come up with interesting centerpieces with black roses and white lilies.
And at the end of the party, don't forget to thank your guests, who made the party memorable, with black and white party favors. Hopefully, after reading this article, you are looking forward to black and white decoration for your black and white party. Have fun and be safe!