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Fabulous Birthday Party Themes for Men

Rujuta Borkar Mar 3, 2020
Need some good birthday party themes for men, but can't think of any? Not to worry. The following information will help you with exactly that. Continue reading for some choices on the best themes that you can choose from.
Is it tougher to come up with good birthday themes for men? What would he like? What is something that would get him excited about his birthday? That's what has us pondering when it's time to host a birthday party for the significant other, especially when you're used to shopping for women.

Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Basically, your theme will be tailored according to his age and more importantly, his interests. To make it really simple, think back to his interests - Does he like the quiet, friends and family only, informal affairs or is he someone who prefers the all out party and shindigs like that? That will help you plan for these things much more efficiently.
To give you a fair idea of how to go about this thing, here are some of the themes that transcend over several age groups. Take your pick and add a few to these by yourself.

Arabian Nights

Imagine for a minute how this one will go...You blindfold him (with a silk scarf, no less) and walk him into a room. When you open his blindfold, what does he see?
A room that has been dimmed to a light shade of pink (Think the shade of a Cosmopolitan drink)... mattresses on the floor, round cushions, hanging mirrors everywhere and hookahs on each bed. People in Arabian outfits (Think Jasmine and Aladdin) and women in transparent veils.
Arabian music sifting through and the smell of incense in the air. Then of course there will be the kababs (a traditional middle Eastern meat dish) and more of that. Arabian nights overload? Hell no. He'll love it. Much like a variation theme party.
Oh and if you can manage it - belly dancers! What more could he ask for? Maybe a private belly dance for him later? (We're just saying).

Adventure Sports

Maybe he's close to celebrating his 40th birthday or one of his late 30s. And maybe horrible thoughts of aging are making way?
Do away with the thoughts right now by celebrating his birthday in total style. Have you thought of adventure sports?
It's one of the most fun filled ways to spend ones birthday. If he's all into fitness and likes these sort of rugged things, then try all these heavy duty adventure sports like river rafting, rock climbing..you get the idea.
But if he's not into any of these, then simple things like paragliding, a game of water polo and similar sports like these is a great way to go. And here's what will make it more fun, gather all his friends and make it a day of fun.

On the Yacht

How classy is this one for a 50th birthday party theme? Very classy. Hire a yacht and make it even better with champagne flowing and a gourmet meal. Maybe a romantic celebration? Or even with family and friends. That depends on your budget and inkling.

Other Themes

Two of the most popular themes that transcend over several age groups are the casino theme and the picnic theme. It does not matter what the age of the guy is, these will always be favorites. Either you pack him and some close friends over to an actual casino or you replicate one.
Any which way, it promises lots and lots of fun. And with the picnic? Choose a great location and then pack a picnic basket and be off, off and away.
And there you have it. Now all you do is choose a theme that he'll absolutely love and go all out. Oh and you can interchange the themes for whatever age group you want. You don't have to stick to anything. Then all that remains is that you make it a super-duper celebration for him.