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Fun Birthday Party Themes for 2-Year s

Rujuta Borkar
Your son's 2nd birthday coming up and you need to plan it to perfection. For that to happen though, you'll need some good themes to work with. Let's look through some of these very themes and help you out. Ready?
We don't remember anything about our 2nd birthday. Not many of us can. But when we look through our 2nd birthday album, we are filled with so much joy.
We see the huge cake in the shape of our favorite cartoon character, we can see the princess dress our parents especially stitched for us, we can see our cousins playing all sorts of games (crazy expressions and all) and we can see just how much fun they must've had.
Surely, we had a whole lot of fun as well. So if you're thinking, why make this birthday special when your son is not going to remember any of this years later - That's why.
There will be albums and videos, won't there? And how can you forget the joy you will feel when you see just how much fun he will have at that party? The squealing and clamoring about that will happen? You tell me that won't be fun. Of course it'll be fun.
So how do you get yourself some of that? By choosing from some of the best birthday party themes, of course. And of those, there are several. All of them are given in the section that is to follow. So all you do is? Read and take notes. Ready?

Birthday Party Theme Ideas for 2 Year Old Boys

Planning a birthday party for a two year old boy can be a tiring task, especially if there are other kids involved. Simply thinking about it getting you tired, right? It's a part of the task, what to do.
But there is a way out - what you can do is plan the party in such a way, and have specialized party themes that will not get you unnecessarily tired. So what to do? Ask the mums to join in. Simple. That way, you'll have all the help you need. Here are some themes that you can look into.

Pool Party

Not like the adult pool party, not in the least. A kids' pool party that screams of fun and more fun. The deal is that, at that age, kids love to play with water and make a mess of things. So you give them exactly that.
Arrange for a day out to the kids pool, complete with floats and fun water games planned. You can also make it a kids and mums party and ask the mums to join in. Take along some simple food like sandwiches and cup cakes along with kids drinks and their day is made.
The other way in which this can be done is if you can get inflatable plastic pools, fill them with water and arrange them in the backyard. Then arrange for games and watch the kids have a blast.

Flour/Clay Party

Running on the same theme of making a mess and letting them, here's another one that they will enjoy. Keep the party decorations simple and have an especially constructed play area instead.
Make sure that you tell the parents to dress them up in old clothes so that if there is a mess, it can be easily taken care of. Then give them water and flour or ready-made clay that they can play with. It might be a mess, but the squealing and laughter should make up for all that.

Car Party

Boys love cars and gadgets, don't they? Sure they do. And it's not just when they are older, but while they are younger as well. So why not turn the theme into something that is car related?
Have car posters stuck on the wall, the birthday boy's seat could also be in the shape of a car, the cake and other dishes as well and the games - Those could center around cars too.

Balloon Party

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? It is very interesting. Take the same hype and enthusiasm that surrounds 'balloons' for kids and turn it into one of the best party themes for them. Think balloons of all shapes and sizes, everywhere.
Maybe clowns making different shapes and animal sizes for the kids, water balloon fights or simple balloons that have been blown and kept in a room and the kids can go about stomping them.

Costume Theme

This one is one of the most popular themes that have come to be. Setting the whole d├ęcor and games based on a favorite cartoon or superhero. These are then complete with costumes, of course.
Themes like Tarzan, Mowgli, Sesame street, Pikachu and more are generally some of the most loved themes for boys.

Family Time

No theme other than calling close family over and spending the day with people who love your son and who loves them. Plan simple activities like opening the presents and playing with them, putting on the music and dancing or something similar.
Right. These were some of the most fun birthday party themes that you can look at and plan a super-duper, fun 2 year old birthday party for your baby boy. That should be a whole lot of fun, huh?