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Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Stephen Rampur Feb 12, 2020
If you are thinking about birthday party ideas for adults, you need to consider the likes and interests of the guests and invitees. This Story provides some useful information and tips on how to plan the same.
If you want to plan and host an adult's birthday party, you need to bear in mind what your friends and guests prefer. Setting up things according to their likes would genuinely add considerable fun to it. Also, keep in mind how the guest of honor would like it to be executed. Moreover, proper planning is also an important aspect that you need to think about well in advance. Planning and executing the birthday party in an efficient manner will certainly make it memorable.


When it comes to planning, it is always better that you have a party theme set for that particular occasion. Set it depending on the likes of the birthday person, such as things he loves to do and places he likes to visit. Few thoughts while thinking of planning such a party can be a football theme, a fiesta theme, or a fat Tuesday-theme.
Search and determine a suitable venue for it after deciding the theme. A majority of people choose to have a themed party in an outdoor location. You may also choose from other alternative venues such as an eating house or a country club. Just keep the budget factor in mind before deciding a venue and the arrangements.
When it comes to invitations, you need to mail them a few weeks in advance. This in-advance intimation is for the guests to set their schedule appropriately so that they can attend the party. You should mention the theme in the invitation so that guests can dress accordingly. Also, ensure that you put an RSVP date on the invitation cards. Doing so will aid you in determining the needed amount of food and drink.
The party is incomplete if entertainment and fun activities are absent. You should plan such activities; just ensure that they go according to the theme. For instance, play a flag football game at a football-themed party. You can also arrange for a place for the guests and friends to dance. The food choices and the cake should also match the theme.
If you are serving alcoholic drinks, make sure that you have alternatives for non-alcoholic guests, as well. You can purchase drink accessories such as fancy straws, umbrellas, and particular ice trays to make shaped cubes of ice. For decorations, go to supply shops and look for new and different options. You can even choose the ones that go along with the party theme.

Creative Ideas

Setting up a Dance Party

Dancing is one of the most important factors that young adults look for in a party. For adding fun to it, you can set up a dance floor and make arrangements for people to dance.

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You can even choose to play different styles of music, and dance accordingly; for instance, the Twist, the Jerk, the Jitterbug, and the Hand Jive. Dances like the Electric Slide, the Cha Cha Slide, the Cotton Eyed Joe, and the new Cupid Shuffle are also popular ones.
While younger adults generally prefer fast music, older ones tend to like slow and soft music. Make sure that you have catered to this need depending on the average age of the invitees.

Using a Pinata for Fun

Setting up a 'pinata' is one of the most enjoyable activities to consider. Set it up, but ensure that it is situated in a space where guests can swing at it without causing any damage to the walls or furniture. If you are holding the party indoors, you can opt for a pull-string pinata, instead of the conventional hitting one. In addition to all the goodies and chocolates inside, you can put different items in it such as breath mints, lottery tickets, risible key chains, decks of playing cards, etc.

Having a Completely Themed Party

If you are arranging it for the guest of honor, make sure that everything goes along with the theme. If the birthday person loves 80's or 90's rock music, all friends/guests can come dressed as musicians of those decades. With regards to the party theme, you can also play music that belongs to that genre and times. If the guests love to gossip and talk about people, they can dress up like famous celebrities.


When it comes to the party games, there are different board games that can be considered. You can suggest the ones such as 'twister' or musical chairs. 'Pictionary' or any other drawing games, and 'Charades' can also add to the gaming mood in birthday parties. There are many party games to choose from; make sure that you choose those, which will be loved to be played by the party guests.

Setting a Karaoke

Making friends sing karaoke can be a lot of fun. If you do not have a karaoke machine, you can get one from the market on rent. Try to get everyone to sing, no matter if they are good at it or not. This is one activity that will surely make everyone laugh.
For elder individuals, who may prefer soft music and a toned down party, a costume party may be a good idea. For birthdays that fall during the summer months, having a beach party can be a wonderful idea for both, the young as well as the old.
These are few ideas that can be used to arrange and plan an adult's birthday party. While there are many ideas to choose from, one should remember to keep the birthday individual's likes and interests in mind while choosing one.