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Birthday Party Ideas for 2-Year s

Deepa Kartha
It's an absolutely endearing sight to see 2-year-olds celebrating a birthday. But a poorly planned party with toddlers can be disastrous.
When we were young, we awaited birthdays with the kind of earnest anticipation that comes with innocence. As we've grown older, the birthdays are approached with great disdain.
We're adamant to spend it either alone or with a close friend, in a low-key setting. What happened to eager outstretched arms for a gift? Or the shrill scream let out when the special day finally came? It's amusing to think that none of that matters now, especially since we're more concerned about how old we're getting.
That's the beauty of being a blissfully ignorant child - none of that matters. In the meantime, it is our job to make as many birthdays, as well-received as possible, for a child.
Two-year-old kids cannot decide how they want their birthdays, but we know what makes them gleeful. Balloons, a big cake, streamers, and all that old-fashioned goodness, is what most of us still love to this day, and so do toddlers.
While knowing what to get for a party comes naturally, turning it into a memorable affair is what counts the most. It's nice that you don't want to just call guests over and have an ordinary celebration, but put your own spin on the entire celebration.

Party Ideas for a Two-Year-Old Child

While it's comfortable and convenient to have a party indoors, it's much more fun to have it outside. Pick a time in the day when it isn't too hot, like after 5 p.m in the afternoon.
You could even decide to arrange for an outdoor dinner, setting up soft lights around the backyard and laying out tables for guests. If you opt for an indoor birthday party, include a bunch of playful additions like a clown, games, or a play-area filled with toys and such.
If you decide to have it as a full-blown outdoor arrangement in the backyard or a rented space, you could always ask a party planner to take care of any additional details.
Face painting is not only a totally rad idea, but it can turn those cherubic faces into a variety of characters that they adore. All-time classic characters from shows like Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh, can serve as inspiration.
You can buy face paint from your nearest stationery or toy store, following the product's instructions on how to paint a toddler's face. You can even make your own at home - ½ a tsp. of cold cream, 1 tsp. of cornstarch, 2 drops (for a single color mix) of a desired food coloring, and ½ a tsp. of water, is all you require.
If face painting seems like a messy option, you can always use ready-made masks. With a ton of choices, stores provide a mix of fancy add-ons like fairy wings, antler hairbands etc. You can go with a theme-based party using all kinds of props related to animals, Disney characters, or even superheroes.
How about hosting a color-themed party? Have parents coordinate their toddlers' outfits with the choice of color beforehand mentioned in the birthday invitation. Use the same color for party decorations, whether you plan to have it indoors or not.
Planning is crucial in this case, since gathering whatever you need based on the right color, may take up your time in arranging for. The best way to go about this is to ask close friends or a family member to help out, so that everyone can individually scour different stores for the right party supplies.
Go with soft, mellow colors that aren't very grownup but distinctly child-like, example: Powder blue, cotton candy pink, mint, thistle, light coral, or lemon yellow.
There's a lot you can do for birthday party ideas for 2-year-olds, so do experiment with your ideas for a great result.
Just be sure to set the wheels in motion for the party-planning in advance, so that you have enough time to execute a beautiful birthday bash. Don't forget to take lots of pictures or videos of the entire bash, for the sake of posterity.