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Amusing Birthday Party Games for Toddlers

Deepa Kartha Feb 28, 2020
It's your child's birthday and you want to make it really special. To make the party fun for all the little children, it is necessary to arrange some games for the kids. So, if you are looking for some ideas for the same, we will give you some that your child and his/her friends will enjoy.
You have been planning and shopping for your toddler's birthday party for months. You have selected the perfect theme, decorations, invitations, made arrangements for the food, etc., and are quite happy about it. But, you have forgotten a important thing - games for the kids.
Most of your guests would be children of the same age of your son/daughter, and one thing is certain, toddlers enjoy playing. If kids do not have anything specific to do, the party may deteriorate into chaos, thus ruining the fun. Hence, arranging some fun birthday party games for toddlers will ensure that they are entertained and the event goes on smoothly.

Planning Tips

All parents should keep in mind certain things while arranging a birthday party for toddlers.
Though the kids may seem excited about something initially, but their attention span is very short. So, it shoudn't be longer than two hours.
Also, while arranging birthday party games for toddlers, make sure that they are simple and easy for the kids to understand. One way of making sure of this is by taking a trial with your kid to know whether he/she likes it. If he/she seems to like the game, you can surely include this in your list.
Remember that you should not make the games too competitive. Children do not really understand this and will feel bad if they do not receive a gift. Therefore, try to plan the games in such a way that all the kids are given a gift. Here are some ideas that you can include in your agenda to entertain the birthday boy/girl as well as the little guests.

Fishing Game

This game can be played at home or in your backyard, however, you will have to do some work before the party begins. Cover a part of the area which you have selected for this game with a blanket or sheet (may be a corner of your living room). You can decorate this place by painting waves and pictures of different types of fish on it.
Inside this closed area, place a huge cloth basket or a cardboard box and fill it up with goodies like candies, inexpensive gifts, etc. Make a small fishing pole with a small stick and a string attached to it. Tie a clothespin at the end of the fishing line. Before the kids start to play, ask an adult to hide behind the covered area.
Explain to the children that they all will get a chance to put the fishing pole into the pond. When a child puts in the fishing pole, the adult hiding inside should attach one of the goodies to it. In this way, each child will get a gift, which can act as favors too.

Musical Game

Mark several circles and square shapes on the floor and place the pictures of animals or maybe cartoon characters on each shape. Make chits where you have written the name of all the animals and cartoon characters. Ask the children to walk on the shapes while you play the music and when the music stops they should stand on one of the blocks.
You have to take out a chit each time and call out the name of the animal you find on the chit. The child who is standing on the block which has that animal wins a prize. Play this game till all the children receive their prizes. The child that remains till the end wins and receives a prize.

Treasure Hunt

Restrict your game to one room as it can be unsafe leaving the toddlers roam around the house to find the treasure. Hide favors or blocks of various shapes and colors around the room. Tell the children that whoever finds the red circle will get a gift.
Ensure that there are as many blocks/gifts as there are children, and once a child finds a block, he/she cannot play again, so that every child will get something. You can also arrange a scavenger hunt for kids.

Fish in the Bowl

This is not a very new game, rather, it can be called a different version of the very old game 'pin the tail on the donkey'. This is one of the most favorite indoor options for children.
You can either buy a toy goldfish or make a beanbag goldfish at home. Mark a place on the floor which is at a considerable distance from the fish bowl and tell the children that they have to stand at this place and try to throw the fish into the fish bowl. The child who does this successfully wins.
With a little bit of creativity, you can create your own birthday party games for toddlers, however, make sure that they are safe for the kids to play. So try out some of these ideas and watch the kids have a great time.