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Birthday Party Games for 4-Year s

Mamta Mule Mar 3, 2020
Here are some fun birthday party games for 4 year olds. These will surely be liked by all the children and will make the party full of fun.
Every kid loves attending birthday parties. While you celebrate the birthday of your child, you need to make sure that it is a well-arranged party.
Entertainment and fun factor is quite importance while you celebrate your kid's birthday. Each of his/her friend enjoys the party, is what you must make sure. The fun factor can be added with some interesting games during the celebration. So, birthday party games for 4 year olds need to be arranged considering their age.
Kids of this age won't be interested in games involving puzzles and quizzes. So, you need to be ready with some lively games that will add merriment and entertainment to the birthday party. Some of the games are mentioned here.

Party Game Ideas for 4 Year Olds

Simon Says

You can be the leader of this game. Ask all kids to stand in a line. Now you are 'Simon' in the game who calls for an action. For e.g., here's a command, "Simon says, hold your ears and jump in air for 5 times." Another command can be "Simon says, clap clap and tap your feet."
As you give an instruction, all players will act accordingly. The one who doesn't follow the instructions will be out. You can give commands like hop, turn about, sit down, etc. The child who is standing till the end, wins the game. Now he/ she can be "Simon".

Treasure Hunt

This is an all time favorite game arranged during kids' birthday parties. It has a number of variations. You can plan it keeping in mind kids age. An idea is to have items like balls, children books, color pencils and other items that are useful for kids.
Hide these things in the party room. Give each child a list of items that are hidden. You can also add a small picture in front of the name of each item. Ask all of them to search room for finding these items. You must also hold a copy of this list.
As kids go on finding items, you go on ticking the item names in list. When all items are found, check who has the highest number of items. He/ she is winner of this game. You can divide these items equally within all the kids and give them as birthday party favors.

Balloon Stomp

Balloons are available as they are used for birthday party decorations.
Start the game by tying blown balloons to hands of each kid using ribbons. When the task is finished, the fun starts. Ask kids to pop each others' balloons. Kids are sure to enjoy this game. You can also tie balloons to their ankles instead, and ask them to stomp over each others balloons.
Just make sure that they are not wearing footwear as it can lead to injury. The kid left with balloon on his/ her ankle or hand is the winner!

Mystery Guess Game

You need a table and various items as used in treasure hunt game. Items must be amongst those used day-to-day by children. Place all the items on a table, kids must not see them before the game starts.
Now close the eyes of all kids using handkerchiefs and make them stand in a line. Ask each one to come and touch each item on the table and guess what it is. The one who will guess maximum number of items right is the winner. Place the table in a corner or another room.
All the aforementioned kids' party games are good for adding fun element to the party. Kids will love playing these games and the birthday celebration will be more fun-filled. Don't forget to play music while these games go on. After the games are over you can play loud music and believe me, little ones would just love dancing and relish the party.