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Birthday Party Favors for Adults

Kritika Parwani Feb 13, 2020
Birthday party favors are a great way to end your special day's celebration. Not just kids, but even adults like receiving party favors. To make birthday party favors for adults more unique, personalized birthday favors are in vogue.
Age is no bar when it comes to celebrating birthdays, and what better way to celebrate than by throwing a party for your family and friends. Whether you want to throw a huge bash, or have an intimate dinner, a party cannot be complete without favors for the guests. It is not necessary that only kids' birthday parties should have them, there are tons of ideas for birthday party favors for adults too!
While choosing a gift for adults, the most important thing you have to take into consideration is the theme of the party. To make it unique and special, try to get personalized ones for the guests. Customized ones add a classy touch to the party. Guests remember your party for days because of the unique, creative, or useful birthday favor.


You do not have to spend a lot on party favors, but just have to be a little creative by selecting something that you would also like to receive. But now, with the multitude of options available, you can give personalized gifts to make your party a night to remember. Here are a few ideas.
Personalized Wine Bottles: This is a classic idea. Have the birthday boy or girl's name, birth date, and anything else that you think will make it creative, like a personalized message, etc., on the label of the wine. Though these can be given at any kind of party, it is best suited for an intimate dinner party. If it's not too much of a pinch on your pocket, adding two wine or champagne flutes, along with the bottle is a great touch.
Personalized Music CD's: A compact disc with a compilation of your favorite songs, or the songs that you play at your party is a good return gift. And have a personalized cover with the songs names, the date of the party, etc. It is a very useful gift, and best of all, it's inexpensive and easy to make!
Customized Photo Frames: What better way to capture precious memories of your special day than customized photo frames? All you have to do is get custom-made photo frames with the occasion (like 'Jenny's 25th Birthday') written on the frame. As the guests enter the party, get a picture clicked with them using a Polaroid camera. At the end of the birthday party, gift each of them with the frames and the previously-clicked photos. So, go on ... click away!
Chocolate: If your guests have a sweet tooth (like any other person!), giving them gourmet chocolates in the shape of each of the guests initials is a unique idea. This is simple and elegant, and is best suited for a dinner party.
Theme Party: If you are having a party theme, then you can continue the theme of your party in the party favors! They can be very creative. There are tons of birthday party ideas to choose from.
For example, if you're having a travel based party or a theme based on a particular destination like a 'Paris Soirée' or a 'Romanian Toga Party' then you should give return gifts complementing the theme of the party. It can either be a miniature Eiffel Tower souvenir or a miniature Colosseum souvenir. Make sure to give it a personal touch by customizing it.
Or, if you are having a poker party, a fun way to continue the theme is by making personalized poker chips, which the guests can take home. In the same way, with a cards party theme, personalizing the cards with the birthday boy or girl's name and birth date is a great idea.
Or, if it's something a little more fun and casual, like a beach party, then include beach-chair picture frames or ornamental seashells. Party themes make the party a lot more interesting and fun-filled!
You can use one or more ideas from above to make it a birthday to remember, not only for you but also for your guests. But most of all, enjoy yourself, as this is your special day!