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Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

Naomi Sarah
Give these birthday party entertainment ideas a spin to really give kids a fun time when putting together a celebration. These game suggestions should have them preoccupied all night (or day) long...
A birthday party wouldn't be fun at all had there been no games planned to begin with. All these parties are filled to the brim with games that are both fun and well, crazy.
The all time favorites we're sure that you'll also remember, were 'magical chairs' where you walk around opposite facing chairs in circles while the music plays, and then its every kid for themselves as the shoving commences to sit down on a chair and keep the losers standing when the music halts.
Another good one was to have forfeits, if you ended up being the loser in a game of 'pass the ball '.
So what makes a great birthday party or any party for that matter? Yup, it's games. Without the fun of it all, there'd be no memorable parties unless there was more in store than just sitting around and talking about lame stuff that you could discuss over the phone instead.
Kids are energetic balls of matter that constantly have to be charged and in motion when it comes to parties. So the best way to have them use that to their (or your) advantage would be to channel all that pumping energy towards the games you plan for them.
So for kids looking to find some pretty cool party games to keep in store for the next birthday party, these suggestions should have you turning an ordinary meet and greet, into a memorable day of fun.

Birthday Party Fun Ideas for Kids

You'll find here some neat birthday party games for kids, which you can try out based on the age groups we have included.

The Classic Piñata Game (Age 6 and above)

We all know how this game goes, where the stuffed crepe paper piñata dangles at a height above, as the player lashes out with a stick or makeshift one with a blindfold on.
You can always secretly change the contents of the piñata to let's say homemade slime? Or how bout some gooey substance that will douse the unexpected blindfolded player? For those who aren't familiar with this game should seriously try it out.
You have to spin the player while he/she is blindfolded and have them randomly strike out in midair as they figure out where the piñata is above them. Once they clobber it to shreds, whatever you fill it with (usually it's candy), comes pouring out while others scamper about to collect the piñata's guts.

Spin the Bottle (Age 15 and above)

Those of you who have played this as kids will know how it works. Spinning the bottle is one thing, and being the one who gets to smack the opposite sex on the other end is another.
If this is too explicit a game for young teens, we suggest you to switch to 'truth or dare' questions.

Pass the Ball (Ages 8 and above)

Players have to sit themselves down in a circular manner in a room while passing a ball from one to the next while someone stands besides a music system and plays it continuously while the ball is being passed.
When the music stops, the one holding onto the ball has to pick up a forfeit which is a small chit of paper, where there is a task scrawled on it for him/her to do. Slowly each player is eliminated in the same fashion, and the last one remaining wins.

Boogie in the Bounce House (Ages 5 and above)

Bounce houses are a fun structure that you can easily buy at any fun toy store that has these inflatable packages.
Once you blow these up into full-blown houses, you can have kids bounce around in them for hours on end while the music plays, as they dance like there's no tomorrow. You can supply them with water guns or water balloons to make the experience all the more enjoyable.

Seven Up (Ages 10 and above)

This is a fun birthday party game we have found out - you have to sit in a circle and it starts off with you saying the number '1' and placing your palm flat against your shoulder just above the corner of your chest in the direction you want the game to take off in.
If it is your left hand then the player on your right will go '2' and choose either you or the other direction as his/her next target. It goes on this way until the number '6' and when you get to seven you have to hold your palm flat above your head in the direction you want it to go again and say 'Seven up!'.
The game resumes from '1' if everyone got it right the first time around. The game is fast-paced and those who make a mistake in directions or who miss out on the words 'Seven up' are eliminated.
These birthday party game ideas sound pretty much like something you'd want to try out again and again with hoards of other fun activities that you can experiment with. Be sure to have all your little gifts ready to award the last ones standing, since that keeps players on the edge of their seats knowing that there's a surprise that awaits the winner.