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Birthday Party Craft Ideas for 6-Year s

Mukta Gaikwad
Keeping 6 year olds engaged and entertained in no easy job, but that's exactly what you have to accomplish in the birthday party you intend to throw for your child and his/her friends. You have to have come up with creative birthday craft ideas to make the day special and memorable.
Keeping a bunch of six year olds engaged during a birthday party can be quite a task. Their restless nature has to be channelized to make the party a great hit. The best way to use their high levels of energy is to make them play few crafty games and perhaps have presents kept for the participants.
As compared to the traditional games like musical chairs or pin the tail on the donkey, crafty games are an excellent way of making children stretch their imagination. Most craft ideas do not require the use of any expensive material. You can also use some old junk that's been lying around the house to make this crafty birthday party a great hit!

Creative Craft Ideas for 6 Year Olds

Hand Prints

Having your child's hand print, is a souvenir worth every penny. Though, it's not a fun craft item that children can take home, they will enjoy doing this activity. For this, you will need a piece of cloth, fabric paints and water. Pour out some paint on their hands.
Let them pick their favorite colors to make this activity more enjoyable. Give few drops of water on their hand and then ask them to spread the paint all over their palm, place a piece of cloth in front of each child and ask them to make a print of their own colored hands. If you want you can hand them few brushes, so that they can write their name and age.

T Shirts

Pick up inexpensive white and black t shirts from the nearest wholesale market. Buy some fabric paints, brushes and palettes. Hand out a t shirt to every child and give them a set of fabric paints.
You can either give them a picture that they can replicate on the t-shirt or allow them to use the canvas as their creativity dictates them. Once done, place the t-shirts in a cool area to dry and staple a note that explains 'how to care'. This activity will keep the children engaged for good about two hours.


Old newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and other scraps of unwanted paper, is of little use.
But, they make the perfect material for making beautiful collages. Divide all the children in groups of five. Give each group a picture that has be replicated as a collage. Hand out the paper, scissors, glue and a chart paper (for the base) too. Allocate an hour to finish the activity. The group to finish it first and correctly, gets a prize!


Children are prone to losing things very easily. Losing water bottles, lunch boxes or bags is common amongst kids.
Having a name badge on their items, will increase the chances of finding it. To make name badges you will need ice cream sticks, paint, glitter, stickers and a marker. Hand out two ice cream sticks to each child and divide the rest of the materials. Let them write and decorate their badge on their own.

Friendship Bands

Childhood friends are truly the ones who make forever come true. Making friendship bands is an excellent craft idea, which will give each child a souvenir from a friend.
You can use wool, ribbons, colorful nylon threads, glitter, stickers and beads to make friendship bands. The easiest way to make friendship bands, is to braid them and insert beads in between. Once done, kids can exchange their bands with each other.
Birthday party crafts for 6 year olds have to be simple. A slight complication can make the activity boring. As a host and as a parent, be a part of these activities to keep the children interested.