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Birthday Ideas for Husband

Sujata Iyer Feb 26, 2020
The birthday ideas that you choose for your husband should be fun, meaningful and should show him exactly how much he means to you. Here, you'll find some ideas for the same.
Your husband is your best friend. A person who has been standing with you and will continue to stand with you forever. Through thick and thin, through every hardship that you face. He smiles when you smile, cries when you cry.
And if he's going to be celebrating a birthday soon, then it's the perfect chance for you to once again show him how much he means to you. Here are some nice ones. Try them and have a great day.

Creative Ideas for your Husband's Birthday

Given in this section are some ideas on how you can make your husband's day a little bit more special by doing some simple, yet sentimental things. It is the gesture that counts, and your husband already knows that by now. So don't worry.
There's no fixed amount of money that you need to spend to ensure that you make the day special for him. All he needs is your company, and maybe a gift or two. Let's see some simple (and some fancy) things you can plan and do.

Movie Day

This one's a fairly easy and extremely inexpensive idea for your husband's birthday. Plus it's enjoyable and does not require more than a day or two of planning.
All you need is a TV set and a DVD player. Go to the local movie rental outlet or go ahead and buy the DVDs of all the movies that your husband loves. They could be of any kind: sci-fi, action, drama, comedy, etc. Spend the entire day watching all these movies, theater style.
Darken the room, have some delicious finger foods at the ready. Cuddle up on the couch and enjoy the movies. If you want, you can call his buddies to watch the action cum sci-fi flicks while you fix them something to munch on. Save yourself for a romantic movie.

3 Wishes

This is a cute and creative birthday gift for your husband. What you need to do is, use some fancy paper and make 3 chits. The chits should be big enough for him to write at least 2 lines.
On each of the chits, write the words, "I'm your genie for the day. Your wish is my command. What do you wish for?". Draw 2 lines below it. Ask him to fill up the 3 chits with whatever he wants. When he does, open them up and grant him the 3 wishes.
Whatever it says, do it. He'll never forget it. If you want to make it a little more fun, you can include a 'valid from _____ to ______' section too. So he can take some time to think about what he wants and choose his wishes wisely.

Marry him Again

This is a romantic idea that you can use to celebrate your husband's birthday. It may cost a little more money. You obviously remember where and how he proposed to you and where you tied the knot.
For this idea, plan a simple wedding, complete with your dress and his suit. Book the place, just for the two of you. If you can, ask the same person to get you married too. Take him to the place he proposed to you, at the same time that he did it.
Propose to him in the exact way that he did and when he laughs and says 'yes', simply shrug, say OK, and take him to the venue, ask him to change into his wedding clothes while you change into yours, and marry him again.
Then have the first dance again with a live band playing his favorite song and enjoy a romantic dinner afterward. He'll be surprised out of his mind!


Another good idea is to give him a complete makeover. On the night before his birthday, pack away all his clothes and leave them outside the door. Get him a new set for his birthday. When he opens his wardrobe, he'll find it empty except for the one new set.
Ask him to wear it and take him to his favorite store or hire a personal designer to take him shopping for an entirely new wardrobe. He'll feel fresh and rejuvenated and he'll have you to thank!
More birthday ideas are welcome. So let us know how you made your husband's day special or how you plan to. A very happy birthday to him! Have a great day!