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Ultimate Birthday Gifts for Mom

Mayuri Kulkarni
Do you just hate sending the same old gifts for mom on her birthday each year? Go off the regular gifts and present her which best suits your feelings and her personality. Tell her what a dynamic position she has in your life. So, which are the finest birthday presents for mom this year?
"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."
- Cardinal Mermillod
No one in this world is more special to us than our mother. The spiritual bond between a mother and her child is the strongest, and can never be broken or weakened. Since childhood, we have had many opportunities to tell her how special she is and how helpful her role is in our lives.
However, a birthday is an extra special day which comes only once a year, so we can really go out of our way to love and appreciate her. You can either get a store-bought gift or (if you have enough time to think creatively and make it happen) make gifts for your mom on her birthday.
No matter which way you lean towards, we are here to give you creative ideas on gifts for your mom.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Mom

When it's your mom's birthday, you need to present her a gift that will make her day more special. A birthday present for mom can be an expensive gift like a dress or a golden bracelet, or it can be simple, yet sentimental, like a handmade bouquet.
With such a broad array of gift options, choosing a unique birthday present for your mom can be a daunting task indeed! However, if you keep in mind certain things, then the selection process can be simplified.
While selecting a birthday present for mom, choose a gift of her taste and liking; something that she will cherish for a long time. You can present a gift that relates to her hobby, her lifestyle or anything that reflects her personality.

Handmade Gifts

No gift can be more special than a homemade birthday present for your mom. What's more, there are a myriad of options before you for creating a nice gift for your mom. You can make a handmade birthday card and write what you feel for her.
You can even prepare a handmade photo frame and fix a beautiful photo of hers in it. If you are good at arts and crafts, prepare some handmade jewelry or a bouquet of flowers.
Homemade soaps and scented candles are also a great idea, and you can wrap them with ribbons and decorative papers.
If you are good at scrapbooking, you should certainly prepare one nice scrapbook as a present to your beloved mom. Collect her photographs, right from her childhood photographs to the recent ones, and arrange these pictures in a thoughtful manner.
If you are good with thread and needles, then you can try making aprons and pillow covers, with words like "I love you Mom" or "My Mommy is the Best", written on them.

A Day Made Special!

Since it's her birthday, she has every right to get a break from her household and office work. If you have a working mom, then ask her to take a day off, telling her you wish to spend this special day with her.
This is a very unique birthday gift, where you and your family would be doing all the household chores that your mom does. Start the day with a surprise by giving her a bed tea or coffee, along with a nice birthday bouquet and greeting card. Let her know that she is not allowed to do any type of work that day.
Prepare her favorite breakfast and lunch. Plan something special for the evening, make her feel special in every other way and try to make her birthday a memorable day.

A Quick Getaway

What do moms always complain about to her kids? Well, more often than not, it is the fact that they are not able to spend enough time with their children. This year, on one of the most perfect days, grant her wish and take her on a mini vacation or a day at the spa.
Spend the entire day with her. Take a trip to the zoo, theme park or hang out at the mall and shop. Your birthday present to her need not be too elaborate or expensive. The time spent with the family will bring her joy; just watch her face at the end of the absolutely wonderful day!

Jewelry and Accessories

You can always gift jewelry to your mom on her birthday, as women always love to wear fancy jewelry irrespective of their age. You can shop for gold and silver jewelry such as bangles, necklaces etc. at a jewelry store and give it to your mom in an attractive box.
Personalized gifts, such as silver bracelets with her name engraved on it, are also a wonderful gift idea.

Photo Album

A photo album containing photographs of your family and some of the best photos of your mom, can be gifted to her as a birthday present. Write notes below every photo, mentioning the date, year and venue where the photos were taken.
A photo album can help her recollect sweet memories of the past. This can also be one of the 50th birthday gift ideas for your mother.

Kitchen Makeover

One of the best birthday gift ideas for your mom, can be a complete kitchen makeover. You can give a contract to an interior designer or do the kitchen remodeling yourself.
So, change the floor tiles, bring in new electronic equipment, new cutlery, etc, to make the kitchen look more modern and luxurious. This gift would definitely surprise your mother and will make her very happy.

Hobby Gifts

Gifting your mom with presents related to her hobbies and interests can also be a good birthday gift idea. For a mom who is a voracious reader, books are the best gifts.
You must be aware of your mom's interest in books, like suspense, science fiction, emotional drama, or romance. So, gift her that book she has wanted to read of late, and see her smile with joy!

Few More Gift Ideas for Your Mom on Her Birthday

If your mom loves listening to music, present her a collection of her favorite songs. 

Recipe books can be gifted to moms who love cooking food.
A nice bag that holds all the accessories and office supplies can be a thoughtful birthday gift for a working mom.
If your mom travels long distances to office, you can gift her a music player and make her journey enjoyable. Stylish laptop bags, travel chargers, business card cases and check holders are some more gift ideas for working moms.
Hopefully, the ideas mentioned before have solved your confusion. So, go ahead, pamper your mom and make her birthday a memorable one!