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Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Charlie S
Birthdays eventually provide you with the right opportunity to surprise your loved ones with something they like. Here are some gifts your husband could do with.
For the Gadget Lover...
While diamonds are a girl's best friend, gadgets happen to be the love interest of a guy. I bet he will never be satisfied with the number of gadgets he already possesses.
Hence, you can get him the latest headphone, a player, a new tablet, or a mobile of his choice. Then there are different alarm clocks, spy pens, digital watches, and cameras to choose from.
For the Romantic...
A day at the spa followed by a candlelit dinner organized for your husband should do the trick here. You can even think of gifting him a weekend trip, a staycation, or even a second honeymoon.
Sometimes, just booking a hotel room for the two of you, or watching a romantic movie together can work wonders.
Besides, you can even book yourselves for a cruise trip, or a hot-balloon ride over the town. Think of all the things he would surprise you with and go ahead and plan the same for your hubby.
For the Travel Bug...
Who doesn't like hot coffee on the go? If this describes your husband, an electric car mug that helps keep the cup of coffee hot till the last dreg runs out, is a perfect gift option.
Then there are travel bags and mini wine coolers, USB fridges a;nd navigators that will work just as fine for the traveler. You can also think of presenting him hiking shoes/hydration packs/camping tent if he loves the wild outdoors.
For the Sports Enthusiast...
A sports enthusiast would love anything from a golf/baseball/football kit, to a gift voucher for a game of his choice. You can also get him personalized golf balls /sweatshirts /shoes /caps etc. which will help him indulge in his favorite sport.
Well, you could enroll him for a class he would love, like scuba diving, paragliding, or even sailing.
For the Wine Lover...
A wine cooler /aerator /chiller /rack seems the perfect gift for a guy who loves his drink. A gift basket filled with his favorite bottle of red and white wine, personalized wine glasses, a bottle opener, cheese and chocolates should do the trick.

For the Health Conscious...

A gym membership is a perfect gift, you can also get an exercise bike, a treadmill, or even a set of dumbbells to keep him in shape.
A healthy diet gift hamper, which consists of protein shakes, diet cookies, dark chocolates and fruits will make a perfect gift for your husband. The best option is to get the two of you enrolled for a dance class, this will ensure he gets his workout while you get to spend time with him.
The Classy Dresser...
Silk ties, a pair of cufflinks, and tie pins will make for elegant gifts for a man who is the classy dresser. Besides, a handkerchief set with a leather wallet is also another good buy.
How about giving him a wardrobe makeover? Choose clothing according to his taste and liking, and remember to make sets just so that he finds things easily. You could also gift him a stylish wrist watch/bracelet to match his outfit.

A Gift of Yourself...

How about gift-wrapping yourself and presenting this gift to your husband? All you got to do is ask a friend to help bundle you up in a colorful ribbon after which you can hide inside a carton box. Ask someone to deliver this box to your husband and he will be mighty surprised when he finds the gift to be you.
You can even emerge out of a huge cake just so it catches him unaware and leaves him with more than a smile on his face.
A Book or Magazine...
Apart from these gifts, you can also gift him a book by his favorite author, or subscribe for his favorite magazine/periodical.
A Handmade Card and Flowers
Last but not the least, make him a handmade card, get him some flowers or a chocolate bouquet, and surprise him with whatever he likes the best.