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Birthday Gifts for Guys who Have Everything

Sheetal Mandora Feb 11, 2020
Birthday gifts for guys who have everything. Hhmm... sounds like a tough one, but we can handle it. Read the following article for cool gifts for a guy who thinks he has it all...
Birthdays are special; we all know that. But what makes a birthday extra, extra special? Lots of gifts, family and friends around, and having a great time. Finding opportunities to have the best birthday (yet) can be manageable and so can you find time to spend the day with family and/or friends.
Now when it comes to birthday gifts, the person (or people) who are supposed to purchase the gifts may get a bit worried. After all these years, it is possible that you must've given the birthday boy every possible gift you can find. Electronic gadgets, clothes, perfume, watches, etc. but now what?
You can't just wish someone empty handed and certainly can't repeat a gift you already gave him. Well, let me tell you something. First of all, breathe; relax. There's no need to panic because you can find amazing gifts for him; and we are here to help you. Just read the rest of the article and find out for yourself.

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Men Who Have It All
Birthday presents will differ depending on your relationship with the guy; he could be your best friend, boyfriend, husband, or father. So when I give you suggestions, just think of what message the gift conveys to the receiver. Other than that, I would try to list the gifts that don't really have a specific designation. Keeping that in mind, let's go over some gifts for the man in your life.

Stadium Tour for Two

Every guy is into sports. Let that be baseball, basketball, ice hockey, football, surfing, volleyball, tennis, or soccer. He has a passion for sports and that gives you a fantastic opportunity to get him the gift he'll love. Depending on his favorite sport and that particular stadium in the city you reside in, gift him a tour. A guide will accompany the birthday boy and you (if you choose to go on this tour with him), and show you around the stadium. It really is an experience of a lifetime.

Exploding Clay Pigeon Targets

If he's the kind of guy who loves the outdoors and can't get enough of it, then getting him these clay pigeon targets is simply fantastic. You get tubes of 20 targets (disks) and it can be really fun when he's out with his guy friends and/or shooting. By using an air rifle or a shotgun, the targets can be hit and the clay pigeon will explode into a bright flash of white smoke and make really loud noise. Very "guy" thing to do!

Charging Station

Now before you start getting any ideas in your head, let me make things clear. By charging station I mean an actual charging station for his electronic gadgets. If he's always on the go and can't find time (or outlets) to charge his devices, then this charging station can be of great use. He can charge his iPod, iPhone, Bluetooth headset, and Blackberry phone on it. And, the station can handle 3 devices at the same time. Ain't it neat?


Yes, it's always a foolproof gift for any guy, at any age. You can visit the nearest fireworks store or order them online. There are a range of fireworks that will can overwhelm you. If you're not sure what to get, take advice from someone who has had purchased them before. And when the gift is delivered, get together and light 'em up! (Just make sure that your state and city's laws permit you do light fireworks and exactly where they are allowed).

Beer Bucket

For our next gift, we give you personalized beer bucket. First of all, you'll need a stainless steel bucket; big size. In this bucket, you will keep 6 of his favorite beer bottles along with gourmet cheese, pretzels, crackers, and mixed nuts. Trust me, when he opens this "bucket", he's going to be left speechless.

Magazine Subscription

The magazines you choose for him can be varied. Here as well, you need to keep in mind what he likes. Is he a fitness enthusiast? A food lover? Is music his passion? Or does he love the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition? Well, whatever his likes are, you can get him a year's subscription. Every month, he will receive his favorite magazine right at the doorstep. Every time he gets the magazines, he'll think of you.

Bartender's Secret Weapon

What I mean here is that if your guy (friend, husband, boyfriend, uncle, father, or colleague) likes to entertain and is into serving new and interesting beverages to guests, then a bartender's recipe book will be perfect. There are many recipe books available in stores and online. Take advantage of this and help him throw fabulous parties every time with the help of the drinks he can make.

Encourage his Hobbies

I'm sure he must be into something. There might be one such hobby that always grabs his attention. This can be anything from flying, cooking, painting, singing, surfing, or music. Whatever his passion is, you can get him a gift that will encourage this hobby.
For example, if he loves to paint but hasn't really put a lot of time into it, then why not gift him all the necessary tools like brushes, paint, and canvas. On the other hand, if he's into music, gift him a set of drums, a guitar, or a saxophone.
If he loves to cook, then get him enrolled in cooking classes and join with him. It'll be a great way to spend some time together.
No matter what gifts you select for him, he's going to love the fact that you have put so much of thought and concern in it. These gifts mentioned in the article help take away all the thought and just leave you to find the gifts, wrap them nicely, and present to the birthday boy. Oh and do wish him Happy Birthday from us!