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Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Debopriya Bose
Birthdays are always special for girls. So, if your girlfriend's birthday is just round the corner and you are confused about the gift, equip yourself with some cool birthday gift ideas, exclusively for girls.
James just stormed out of the board room, all frustrated and dejected. The presentation that he had worked upon so hard was an instant hit with the board members. But what was the use? All the credit went to his boss. James just stood there wearing a false smile, applauding with the rest as his boss basked in the appreciation that was his due.
He sat down on his table with a heavy heart. But just then his eyes rolled over to the corner of the desk and he saw a picture of Joanne - his girlfriend of three years. A feeling of warmth flooded him. It was her birthday next week.
He realized that he definitely had a better thing to do than sulk over office politics and that better thing was to look through the options for gifts. Let's see what birthday gift ideas he came across as he surfed the Internet.

Best Gift Ideas for Girls

Add Some Sparkle

Have you ever heard of a woman who doesn't like jewelry? Be it an anniversary or her birthday, jewelry is always a good option for gifts. Whatever the price of the gift, look for some innovative designs.
If it is a necklace, look for a pendant that has the first letter of her name or her age in numbers. Think a little bit and you would be amazed at the various ideas that you could come up with.

Say it with Flowers

Flowers have never failed to express one's affection for his loved one. A bunch of red roses is a very popular birthday present. However, in case her taste varies in flowers, gift her a bunch of her favorite ones.
What would be better still, is to include the same number of flowers as her age. One piece of advice. Don't just give flowers. Give something else with it to be on the safer side to remember the occasion.

Let Words Win Her Heart

For those who love to read, a book is always a welcome gift. Give her the latest book that has hit the bookstores and see her eyes sparkle in glee.
A word of caution! In case she is a bookworm, be sure to give her the gift at the end of the evening. You surely don't want her to bury herself in her gift rather than talking to you, do you?

Sweet Music for Her

Say it with a song! Get a CD recorded with all her favorite songs in it. In case you can sing, record some song in your own voice.
It doesn't have to be a full song with the orchestra playing behind. Just a line or two in your own voice would suffice. How about writing a poem and recording it in your own voice on the CD? Write a birthday quote on the cover with her name and picture on it.

Fill Up Her Senses

Want her to remember you on every happy occasion? How about gifting her a bottle of perfume? If you know her favorite perfume then there is nothing like it.
In case she never told you what perfume she wears, try to gift her a similar fragrance to the one she wears. She will surely appreciate the effort.

Frame the Happy Moments

Celebrate your togetherness by giving her a digital photo frame. Download some pictures of the best times that you have spent together.
Every time she looks into the frame she would be reminded of your love for her. Carrying a box of chocolates to sweeten the moment further is a good option as well.

Wine and Dine - the Old-fashioned Way

If you are planning to propose to your lady, her birthday would be an excellent time to do it.
It may be old-fashioned, but there is nothing more appropriate than taking your lady out for a romantic candle-lit dinner and proposing over a glass of wine. This would surely make her eyes go moist with tears and she will remember this birthday forever.

Dedicate a Blog to Her

Jewelry, chocolates and flowers are definitely good birthday gifts. But are you looking for some unique gift to make this birthday really special?
What about making a blog for her? Mail it to her. Call her at the stroke of midnight and ask her to open her email account for her birthday gift. Let her know how special she is to you through this blog. Upload pictures of some of the happiest moments that both of you have spent together.
If you have kept track of the dates when important events happened in your lives, list them in the blog. Men are considered to be less emotional than girls and are often accused of not remembering important events in their love life. This gesture of yours will surely touch her and she would mean it when she says, 'My boyfriend really cares'.

Make an Album for Her

There is no better way of putting all her photographs that you have been collecting, than making an album or collage out of them.
Arrange them in the album in the order so that the earliest pictures come in the initial pages and the more recent ones come later. Use this occasion to write down your feelings for her that you have not been able to express.

Basket Full of Surprises

If you are confused as to what can be perfect gift, try picking up random things that she likes. It can have stuff like her favorite chocolates, her most loved lipstick, some pictures of you together, miniature bottles of her favorite champagne, etc.
Put all the items together in a big basket and let her find out for herself the many little surprises that are in store for her. Keep a watch on her expressions as she opens each of her gifts, each time you will find the sparkle in your girl's eyes.

Express it with Pets

If your girl is an animal lover, she will love this gift of yours. You can gift her a cute puppy or a kitten and to add the personal touch, leave behind a 'Love you' note tied around the neck of the pet. She will appreciate your effort for gifting her favorite pet.

Plan that Perfect Outing

Take your girlfriend on an outing to a place where she would enjoy herself. If your girl is a tennis freak, take her to the latest tournament taking place.
Or if your girlfriend likes adventure sports, plan an entire day to a place where you both can play adventure sports together. Plan the outings well before her birthday and make the necessary arrangements, so that you can make her day special just in the way you had decided.

Setup a Treasure Hunt

Paste small post-it stickers with clues written on them, in many places in your girlfriend's house that will guide her to her gift - You.
You can put them by her bedside so that she will notice it as soon as she wakes up on her birthday. Use your imagination to guide her through a few clues, but don't overdo it, else she may end up getting irritated!
The special woman in your life deserves something special on her birthday. The list of gifts for her does not end here. If you know her likes and dislikes, try to get a gift according to her taste. Try to get some gift that truly reflects your emotions for her. All the best in your search!