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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister

Girija Shinde Feb 16, 2020
Looking for some unique birthday gift ideas for your sister? Well, you have come to the right place. Here are some cool ideas, which will surely make her smile!
So it's your dear sister's birthday and you are going crazy searching one perfect gift for her. Well, people who do not have siblings will surely wonder why it is difficult to buy a gift for your sibling, whom you know so well. Well, that is the actual problem. You know your sister very well, and that is why you know how picky she is.
You remember her expressions when she got a gift that you thought was so perfect. Only to find her scolding you for buying something really expensive, because after all she is the one from whom you have borrowed money up till now. So, you have to get her something that is perfect, something that will make her face glow instantly.

A Special Mug

This is one of the best gift ideas. Gifting her a unique coffee mug is a wise idea. But the mug you give her, shouldn't be any mug, it should be a personalized unique mug.
There are loads of ways to personalize a mug, one of the best ways is to get her photos printed on it. Choose some of her best photos, starting from her childhood till now, and then get them printed on a beautiful coffee mug.
You can even write a humorous message on top. You can also put your and your sister's photo on the mug and write, 'to the world's best sister', below the mug. There are some mugs on which photos are seen only if something hot is poured in it, you can surprise her with something like that, which has a touch of magic.

Emergency Kit

All of us face some or the other kinds of emergencies every now and then, sometimes it is a road emergency while on other occasions it is a professional occasion. But this emergency kit is an emotional emergency kit.
There are so many moments when girls feel overwhelmed, either with happiness or grief. These emotional emergencies are more common at the crucial age of sixteen-eighteen.
The idea is to gift her a kit that she can use in case of emotional emergencies, which you can make at home itself. Take a nice plastic or metal case, which has many compartments, and add things like cosmetics, chocolates, perfume, Swiss knife, safety pins, glue, a family photo, a joke book, etc. Add all things that can come handy and make her happy!

Gift Basket

If you think a single gift is little too less for your sis, give her basket full of gifts! You will find ready-made birthday gift baskets in the market. You can buy any one of it, or even make one at home itself.
Simply take a small basket, and add things of her interests like her favorite classic book, a watch, fresh flowers, homemade cookies, etc., to the gift basket. More such ideas include a gag T-shirt, a survival kit, fake tattoo sleeves, etc.


You can also gift her a nice dress, something like a nice evening gown, or a little black dress, if she doesn't have one.
Herbal teas, spa or shopping certificates, jewelry, etc., are some other ready-made gifts that you can give her. Homemade gifts have a personal touch to them, so if you are either a good cook or a good artist, you can make something yourself, and present it to your sister, she will surely be touched.
Add your creativity to these ideas to make the gift more personalized, and one that suits her taste. Because, after all, it's you who knows her the best!