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Fantastic Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Reshma Jirage
Selection of birthday gifts for men isn't an easy task, and many will vouch for that. And if it's his birthday, you'd want to put some thought into it before you decide on something.
Every woman has a special man in her life. He may be her father, brother, best friend, boyfriend, or husband. You need to be very selective while choosing a birthday gift for him. Offer him some amazing gifts with your love, and make his day memorable.
Gifting is a great way to express your affection and respect for him. While selecting birthday gifts for men, always keep in mind that the gift should be useful to them (and little attractive too, hihi!).

How to Go About the Selection

Select the birthday gift considering the age of the man. You should also be familiar with their likes and dislikes. You can get excellent ideas from various magazines and websites.
You may choose some generic gift items such as a cologne, shaving kit, or aftershave lotion. Such items are excellent for daily use. A leather wallet, branded wrist watches, rings, bracelets, tiepins, and cufflinks are some other gift choices for men.
You may also select from the latest range of mobile phones, tablets, iPod, etc. 
Books can be a valuable gift for men who are fond of reading. You may also gift a CD of his favorite movie or songs.
Make his meals turn into celebrations by gifting him this special present. This German tankard is just an illustration. You can gift him beer mugs, champagne glasses, anything that the man in your life adores drinking. We bet, he'll be more than happy to receive this. So, raise your glass ...
Does he place his eye wear randomly somewhere, and then goes out searching for his pair blindly? Ease your man's work―gift him an eyeglass holder.
You get many antique, wooden statuettes these days. Present him a nice figurine (holder, but something of his interest) for holding his glasses when he's not using.
Who doesn't like coffee mugs? More than that, who doesn't want them? You may give a personalized touch to a coffee mug bearing his name or some manly identity. Whether he is known by his mustache or not, he sure will be proud to receive such a gift.

Selective Birthday Gift Ideas

This is a gift that will be really helpful to him. Be it relaxing at home after office, or spending the day at a beach, flip-flops are something that will let him loosen up.
For his digital and travel essentials, gift him a classic leather bag―a portable organizer. Everything from his iPad, laptop, and smartphone to credit cards, all can be tucked at one place. He'll thank you for making his life easier.
In this age of ubiquitous smartphones and more significantly 'selfies', capturing the perfect shot within an arm-length range is a dream that many desire! Why not gift him a (much talked-about) selfie stick or a selfie pole? Let him snap pictures, videos, or groupies comfortably with an adjustable selfie pole.

Some More Suggestions...

  • Guitar glasses and coasters for music lovers
  • Braided leather men's bracelet
  • Mustache tie bar and personalized cuff-links
  • Field bags for the adventurous type
  • Autographed helmets
With these fantastic birthday gift ideas, you can select a graceful and handy gift for your man, making his special day really memorable.