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Birthday Card Greeting Ideas

Palmira S
Different birthday cards are available in the market. However, here are some ideas that could help you make one on your own. Read on...
We always make an attempt to make our near and dear ones happy by gifting them something special on their birthday. We gift them something that will make them feel happy. Along with any other gift, it is a must to gift a birthday card.
Among the various ideas that you might come up with, a greeting card must be given serious thought to, as, it is a token or an expression of your emotions or feelings which you can express through. A card can be gifted to people of any age. You can gift it to your parents, siblings, colleagues and friends.
There are various forms of greeting cards available in the market today. You can choose one according to your choice by keeping in mind the person's personality. If the person is a child, then you can give him a greeting card with pictures of his/her favorite cartoons.
If you are gifting it to your friends or siblings, you can gift them a card with some funny quotes or funny pictures. If you do not find the appropriate one, you can make one yourself. You can also display healthy sarcasm about your friendship or relation. You can compose a poem or an article in a funny way!

Sample Messages to Write

If you are gifting a card to your spouse or parents, you can write a poem for them, which describes your journey with them till date. Or, you can buy a card for them which has sweet or quirky phrases or quotes written in it.
These greeting or message cards are available online which can be selected and mailed to the desired person. These e-cards also come along with music and songs. If the person is fond of music, then these e-cards will surely prove to be a boon in strengthening your relationship.
You can also have the card embedded with their favorite song or music tone. If the person is an admirer of a particular singer, you can gift an e-card embedded with a song of that singer. You can also find hard paper or cardboard cards engrafted with music.
If you are good at drawing or painting, you can paint some pictures or sketches on the cover of the card. You can make a sketch of the person or sketch yourself along with him or her on the card. This will add a personal touch which will definitely make that person feel nice, with their happiness knowing no bounds.
The ideas mentioned here will help you to choose a card depending on the person's personality and the kind of relation you choose to maintain with them.
To make your special one's birthday more memorable, you can also throw a surprise party which may have some games, in the midst of which, you can sneak away the person you love and in a quiet private moment and present them with the card that you have made all by yourself.