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Birthday Cakes for Adults

Anannya Saikia
How can birthday cakes for kids and adults be the same? In case of adults, the cake requires some maturity to match the grownup theme. Here, we will tell you how to select the perfect birthday cake for an adult.
Whenever someone has a birthday, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Of course, we know, it's the sweet, soft, g√Ęteau ! Although birthday cakes for adults are different from that we generally have for kinds, this definitely does not mean that they should be boring or unattractive.
With some basic ideas, a little bit of attention and a dollop of imagination, you can surely create a cake that will not only become a great centerpiece, but also an amazing tribute to the guest of honor.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Adults

According to the Taste

When deciding the flavor, keep in mind that simple cakes with just sweet icing are usually meant for children's birthday parties. Grown-up cakes should have more of refined, sophisticated flavors such as mocha, lemon, raspberry, or hazelnut.
You can also add liqueur to the cake for a different, stronger flavor. (With prior permission from the honoree, of course!) If you can, find out what his/her favorite flavor is and then bake a cake that suits his/her taste buds.
For instance, alcohol-flavored cakes such as the Champagne Cake, Candy Cane Cake, and Pirate Cake are great options which everyone at the party is sure to love.
However, don't forget to also arrange for non-alcoholic cakes so as to avoid displeasing those who don't consume alcohol, as well as to have something to give the children who will be attending the party.

According to Personality

While decorating the cake, make sure that it reflects his/her nature and personality. If the person is vibrant and full of life, you can think of a birthday cake with a lot of bright decorations.
If he is of a silent and contemplating nature, you can opt for cakes with light decorations with white being the preferred color. You can also choose to get some basic decorations such as flowers or balloons in his favorite colors. These work well as they can be as simple or elaborate in terms of your wishes.

According to Hobby

If your guest of honor has a particular hobby or interest, you can consider it as an idea for the cake. This not only gives your cake a special touch, but also makes it a special tribute to the honoree.
If the person is an avid sports fan, he might enjoy a sports-themed cake. If he is an enthusiastic traveler, then the cake can be used to represent his favorite holiday destination.
It could be in the shape of the continent or of the country he wants to visit. If you want to order the cake from a bakery, they can mold it in the shape of an item, which reflects the person's interests.

With a Naughty Touch

We mean for 'adults only' birthday party! If the person with the birthday has a wild streak in his nature, you can choose a cake that is on the naughty side. You will find bakeries that specialize in adult-only cakes with erotic decorations.
For instance, you can order a cake with the head of a bunny with little playboy bunnies surrounding it. These can also be found online and at specialty shops. While going for naughty birthday cakes, ensure that the cake is meant to be a joke, and will be enjoyed.

According to Age

If the honoree is going to celebrate his 40th, 50th or beyond, make sure that the cake is extra special to mark the occasion.
The atmosphere calls for sophistication, so you can use tiered cakes with rich colors such as gold or silver, for lending a sense of elegance. If he is good-humored and of a cheerful disposition, you can get a Over the Hill Graveyard Cake which is sure to draw laughter.
Many bakeries also specialize in photograph cakes, meaning they copy the photographs onto the cakes, thus transforming it to a picture of elegance. You can also use a picture of the birthday person from his childhood.
These were some of the steps that should be taken into consideration while preparing birthday cakes for adults. You can mix and match these ideas to have some unique birthday cake ideas for both men and women. So, the next time you are planning any adult birthday party, make sure to use these ideas. Enjoy!