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Birthday Cake Designs

Poushali Ganguly
Birthdays are incomplete without cakes and to make the cake appealing to one's eye, it has to be designed in a really unique way. Off late, the market has seen a lot of incredibly amazing cake designs.
Cake designs have always been a part of constant change, thus leading to a lot of variations, but at the end of the day, the design should be closest to the person's heart for whom it is being made for. There are endless possibilities but the cake has to be designed with the age and preferences of the person in mind.
Also, if you really want to add some zing to the birthday that's approaching, you may decide the cake design yourself, and bake the birthday cake at home, though this takes quite a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Innovative Birthday Cake Designs for Kids

For the first birthday of a baby, a cake that has a creamy crib on top is absolutely delightful. For slightly grown-up kids, you can try a variety of designs, depending on the age and interest of the kid.
For instance, if your kid likes to read, you can also order for a cake that looks like a book, specifically a Harry Potter one.
If the birthday boy or girl is a sports freak, then the design can be of a cricket bat, a football or rugby ball or in fact a stadium. You can even get your baker to design a cake that resembles the child's favorite cartoon character or sports star.
If it's a girl, then you can design the cake with a real doll on the cake, to be precise a Barbie. A colorful hat-shaped cake is great as well.
Kids would also love animal cakes like an alligator cake or an elephant cake, butterfly, cat or a dog cake. Car, bulldozer, police cars, bikes would also be a good idea for cakes. Even train or tractor cake would be innovative.
A superman insignia or spaceship designed cake can also be a favorite with kids. Irrespective of the gender of your child, you can get the cake in the shape of a mermaid, airplane, ship, pirate or colorful clown.
And, if you want to concentrate on the flavor your kid loves best, try a combination of chocolate layers and rainbow sprinkles!
For kids' birthdays, you can try making a fish-shaped cake, it can be a flounder or school of fish. Cakes can also be designed in the shape of burgers or hotdogs, candies, fruits and even drinks.
You can even design a cake that is baked in the shape of a house. Gadgets like computers or laptops or I-pods can also be interesting for young adolescents.

Innovative Birthday Cake Designs for Adults

When it comes to adults the design does not matter much, the flavor is more important. A simple design would also do, provided the cake is done really well.
Cakes ordered for adults is that they have alcohol as an ingredient, mostly rum. Still in the case of women, they would certainly like floral designs and men would definitely like something based on sports.
In case of adults, naughty birthday cake designs can also be considered like a playboy bunny or the TV remote that he loves the most or his car keys that he always forgets.
Similarly, in case of women it can be her stilettos or her purse that can be used humorously. Assorted candy cakes are a delightful choice.
If you are ordering a customized cake, confirm with them a week in advance, since all the good bakeries remain fairly busy and might just lose your order. Therefore, to be on the safer side, it is better to recheck and if you are making it yourself make a dummy cake before the final one, to correct any flaws it may have.