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Delectable Appetizers for a Party

Medha Godbole Feb 23, 2020
For a party to be a surefire hit, all you need is good company, food, and music! Consequently, appetizers are those which set the mood and leave the guests pining and hungry for the main course.
The party mood has set in and the d-day has arrived. You are kind of nervous about the soirée, specially with regards to the food. You are confident about the main course but are a shifty about the appetizers. You do not want to compromise on the recipes because they are going to lead the way and reflect as to how good or bad the main course is going to be.
Or whether the main course will even be touched or not because the appetizers were so good. Then what options do you have on the platter? Read on to get an idea on how to dole out some tasty appetizers. These are pretty easy to make, so you shouldn't have a problem while doing so.

Salsa Twin

Tantalize the taste buds of the guests by serving them Santa Fe Pineapple Salad. It includes (as the name goes) pineapple, red beans, cilantro, chopped bell pepper, chopped red onion, chopped jalapeno, and lime juice. It is akin to a salsa, but not the same.

'Arty' Hearty

This recipe is spinach and brie-topped artichoke hearts. To prepare this appetizer, stuff artichoke hearts using seasoned and cooked spinach with melted brie on top. It takes just 15 minutes to prepare.
What you need is 9-ounce box frozen artichoke hearts, 2/3 cup cooked chopped spinach, 1 teaspoon lemon pepper, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 18 thinly sliced brie.
Pre-heat the broiler and make the artichoke hearts according to directions. Follow that up by combining spinach, lemon, pepper and salt in a bowl. Now just top each artichoke with the spinach mixture and brie. Broil the artichokes until the cheese melts. This is one of the healthier appetizer recipes for a party.

A la French

Dish out delectable turkey canapes to tantalize your guests' palates. Have crackers as the base and spread herbed cream cheese on them. Now top those crackers with small slices of deli turkey meat, followed by cucumber slice, and garnish with a sprig of dill.

Asian All the Way

Go for an Asian vegetable roll accompanied with soy and lime dipping sauce. It will be a delight for the vegetarians.
Have cucumber, carrots, bell pepper, and green onions finely chopped as a side dish. Prepare the sauce by mixing the soy sauce, lime juice, honey, garlic, a teaspoon of vegetable (or olive) oil, and red pepper flakes.
Follow it up by stirring these contents together and then mix with vegetables till they have blended together. In lettuce leaves, scoop this vegetable mixture and make a roll. Serve with the dip left over.

Rock and Roll

This is yet another roll, but it is sure to be liked by almost everyone because it is simply a delightful chicken and egg roll. Make it in the fajita style, and switch between steak and pork.

Simply Snack

Keep cereal at your disposal, if possible oats, rice, wheat or bran. Then add pretzel nuggets, dry fruit, mini crackers, nuts or sesame sticks to it. Embellish it with your favorite seasoning, be it the italian or the cayenne pepper. You are done! An easy to make appetizer!

The Ultimate Favorite

How can this be missed? Yes I am talking about pigs in a blanket! Have loads of it ready because it is going to be devoured like crazy by the guests ( Uh, do I need to give the recipe?).
These were some of the simplest and most convenient appetizers to make the party a hit. There are zillions of others like grilled figs, spring rolls, deviled eggs (mashed egg yolks blended well with mayo mustard and salt filled in egg whites), meatballs, and so on.