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Best 50th Birthday Gifts for Men

Mamta Mule Feb 15, 2020
Fiftieth birthday is a special occasion that calls for unique gifts. You need to think well to find a classic piece and to decide what you will be gifting the man who is turning 50.
50th birthday is a special day that is often celebrated in a grand way. If you are attending one such party arranged for a man, you need to grab a thoughtful gift for him. While there are numerous ideas which you can refer to, choosing one for this special day can be a tough task.
He has probably received every possible gift from his near and dear ones in these years. But if you are still looking for the best gift, here are some ideas.

The Gift Ideas

Travel Kits

If you are planning to present one of the useful gifts, then consider a travel kit. Travel kits are available in various types and designs.
Grab a sober travel kit that has a well-designed leather cover, metallic buckles, and a proper interior padding with soft satin or canvas lining inside. These kits have compartments of varied sizes to hold all the grooming essentials for men in an organized way.
Those kits having an arrangement of hanging with a hook at the top part are best ones to opt for. Another option is to opt for an elegant designer travel bag.

Personalized Gifts

Be it a personalized wine glass or a personalized wine bottle, all make a perfect present for this day.
You can buy a set of personalized card holder and wallet, that makes a very good present for dad and friends. Other options include coffee-mugs, cigarette lighter, golf putter, engraved wine bar set, hip flask, pocket watch, and key chain.

Personalized Photo Carved Lamp

You can gift an engraved photo frame, digital photo frame, personalized album, and photo collage. Get one of the best solo or family photograph of the man turning 50 and order a photo-carved lamp.
Using a unique technique, an image that matches with the photograph you provide for the purpose, will be carved on a translucent material. This will be fixed into a frame with a cord and built in lamp. When you lit the lamp, the piece will be illuminated from behind, and the image magically comes alive. This is definitely a 'must checkout' piece.

Unique Vouchers

You can present a voucher of golf lessons from a PGA Certified Professional. You can also give a skydiving voucher or a package for learning the basics and driving a racing car with an in-car coach.
Apart from the mentioned ideas, consider gadgets, perfumes, body spray kits, tickets for a cruising event for fishing with the guys, or tickets for a short vacation.
If you are looking something for your grandfather or other family member, then consider funny presents like clock working in reverse direction, gag T-shirt, chore charts, box of medicines, etc.
One thing that you must remember while gifting an item is what the person likes the most. If you know his hobbies well, you will be able to choose the present accordingly for this special occasion.