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Balloon Centerpieces

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Centerpieces need not be formal every time; you can consider using balloons to add a festive touch to the party decoration. With a little imagination, you can easily create beautiful decorations like a professional. Here, we shall take a look at a few ideas and the steps to make a balloon centerpiece at home.
Whenever, anyone mentions centerpieces, we visualize beautifully arranged flowers kept in a proper way. No doubt flowers are an all time favorite for different types of celebrations. However, depending upon the party theme, you can think of fun and casual ideas. Candle and balloon centerpieces are some of the options which will add a personal touch to your party decoration.


A centerpiece is an important element that complements the party and event decorations. In fact, it is the focal point from which the mood of a party is determined. With balloons, you can reduce the budget to a certain extent, depending upon the design and the size. You will get a plethora of ideas to suit your occasion as well as your budget.
  • Weddings - Using balloons of different colors and sizes in reception decor adds a festive mood to weddings. Wedding centerpieces decorated with curled ribbons and flowers look amazing.
  • Baby Showers - Balloons are best components to add fun in baby oriented parties. Allow vivid colored balloons to float in a large decorative bowl along with toys. You can also think of creating funny features with different sized balloons.
  • Birthdays - If it is for a child's birthday, you can use bright colored balloons like red, blue, and yellow. Keep them tied to the gift items, so that kids will have fun collecting them.

Preparation Procedure

Balloon centerpieces can be ordered from professional suppliers. Nevertheless, they are often more expensive than what you may think of. Hence, a better option is to be creative and make them on your own. This will not only cost you less, but you will also cherish the memories forever.
  • First of all, gather the supplies required. For simple designs, you will need regular round balloons (color matching your party theme), curled balloons, pump, balloon holder (or Styrofoam), and ribbons.
  • Blow the round balloons one by one with the help of the pump. Ensure that the sizes are nearly the same, otherwise the centerpiece will look odd. To check for size uniformity, you can use a cardboard as a mold.
  • Once you are done inflating the round ones, do the same for the curled ones. Blow extras of both shapes, so that you can replace those that pop. Tie all of them with ribbons of adequate length and keep aside.
  • Now, arrange them to make decorative patterns. You can place the curled ones around the round ones. Then tie the ribbons carefully, so that the shape of your centerpiece remains undisturbed throughout the party.
  • The last step is fixing the centerpiece to the balloon holder or Styrofoam. To make it look fancy, tie the ribbons to some object that matches your event theme. Also, attach smaller sized balloons around the holder to hide it.
This is how you can make cute decorations on your own. As you become familiar with simple designs, you can think of arranging more complicated ones. As you display them in parties, your friends will be surely impressed with your creativity.