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14 Amazing Birthday Cake Alternatives to Try

Amita Ray
This year, ditch the old trodden track of a dreary old birthday cake, and try something new. With the overabundance of alternatives, you'll definitely be spoiled for choice.

Cake Pops

Give your birthday a colorful touch this year with some uber-fancy cake pops.
Crumbled cake mixed with icing, after which it is coated with some more icing, and then loaded with a generous helping of colorful sprinkles is a sight to see. Doesn't matter if you love lollipops or cakes, cake pops give the best of both worlds.


Why limit yourself to a single flavor of the plain old birthday cake when you can get an assortment of all your favorite flavors with a donut cake.
Either choose a classic glazed or the ones coated with cinnamon. Give your birthday a more decadent taste with some cream, custard, or jelly-filled donuts, and don't forget those heavenly French crullers. Don't have just one, two, or even three; this day of the year you have the license to overindulge.

Cinnamon Rolls

If you're one of those who love breakfast, celebrate it on a day that's meant for you, with a delicious buttery dessert with a warmth that gently caresses your throat. You guessed it right, we're talking about a cinnamon roll cake. A drizzle of cream cheese glaze is all that it needs to be perfect.


Make your birthday more exquisite with a cake replacement that's simply a burst of different flavors and colors.
We're talking about the dessert that seems to have taken the food industry by storm - macarons. They're incredibly light, melt-in-mouth cookies, that sandwich a luscious caramel, buttercream, or ganache filling. Purists could stick to classic chocolate or raspberry, while the brave can try unique flavors like foie gras.


For a healthier and less tedious cake replacement to make from scratch, try crepes or pancakes.
You could separate the batter into different batches and add different food coloring to them. Stack these different-colored pancakes with a little bit of Greek yogurt, drizzle some raspberry coulis, and load it with lots of berries. What you get is just yum yum yum!

Frozen Banana Popsicles

This is an alternative for the regular birthday cake. Brownie point is that, these banana popsicles seem to be really popular with kids. But wait! We found another perk... these are easy to make! Just half the bananas crosswise, dip them in melted chocolate, coat with favorite topping, and freeze.

Whoopie Cake

Delicious cream filling sandwiched between two crumbly chocolate cakes, drizzled with melted chocolate, and dusted icing sugar; such is the opulence of a whoopie cake. Grace your birthday with the goodness of this cake, and have a good one.

Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream makes everything better! No, wait... we think that's bacon, or maybe both. Make your birthday extra special with a cake that's actually an ice cream with candied bacon. If sweet bacon is not your jam, you could try the Italian classic, Cassata.

Marshmallow Squares

This easy no-bake dessert is not only a treat to eat but also to make! Crunchy rice squares laced with butter and made chewy with marshmallows is a total crowd pleaser. Either dip these in melted chocolate or smear with bright-colored buttercream icing, and top with some colorful sprinkles.


Give your birthday a chic turn by substituting that big old-school birthday cake of yours with teeny little colorful cupcakes. Be it chocolate, peanut butter, or fruit flavored, cupcakes are perhaps the cutest way to say 'Happy Birthday'.


Who says waffles are just for breakfast! If we could, we'd be having them all day long. A birthday is the perfect excuse to satiate this whim of yours. Make a birthday cake of waffles and have it all by yourself; we won't judge.

Fruit Cake

For those in search of a nutritious option, and know that the regular birthday cake is not very kind to your waist, a fruit cake might be the answer. No, we don't mean the ones you have on Christmas, but a cake that is made out of real fruits! It just can't get any better than this.

Pizza Cake

After overworking our sweet tooth we've decided to take a savory approach to find the perfect alternative to your birthday cake this year.
We suggest a pizza cake. The chewy base, the pepperonis, chunky tomatoes, gooey cheese, and wafts of basil are definitely going to make your birthday memorable!


Velvety soft, slightly wobbly, and slightly sweet cream cheese resting on a buttery bed of crumbled cookie. If that's not enough, there is a decadent crown of a berry coulis, whipped cream , or caramel atop this dessert. Your birthday is going to be tastier than ever before.