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Enthralling Alice in Wonderland Decorations

Mamta Mule
In Alice's world, things can be too small or big as well as too weird or random. When planning a party based on Alice in Wonderland, you are absolutely free to let your imagination run wild and whimsical. Here are a few tips which you will give some idea about this party theme.
Do you love the queer residents of the Wonderland? Yes, we are talking about Alice's Wonderland and her pretty crazy pals dwelling below the rabbit hole.
Most of us know the story of Alice and her encounters in a strange place where logic and nature were, well, a bit different. May be more than a bit... okay, we agree, it was downright nutty. And perhaps, that's the reason why people of all ages and not just the children love reading Lewis Caroll's nonsensical literature masterpiece.
The popularity of this storybook has even transcended into the mainstream culture of the present times. Moreover, Disney movies are doing their bits in leaving a mark of the courageous and quirky Alice and other Wonderland creatures on young and old minds alike. So why not a have a party that celebrates everything that's unusual and absolutely mad?
It's not surprising that people want to have an Alice in Wonderland themed party as it is unconventional and loads of fun. The guests will love the opportunity to dress up bizarrely using their creativity for your mad tea party.
You can also pay homage to your beloved children book's characters by hosting an 'unbirthday' party for your kid. Not only for unbirthdays or kid's birthday, you can have mad-as-a-hatter fun on Halloween by celebrating in Alice-in-Wonderland style.
So how can you decorate your place so as to bring the wonders of Alice's world to life? For such a party, decorations play a prominent role in highlighting the theme. So, here are some Alice in Wonderland decor tips to help you to get the party room perfectly ready for a fun-filled get together.

Tips for Decorating Wonderland

Entrance Decorations

Whether your guests are Alice or not, this magical world themed party will surely please everyone. Decorating from the party room entrance, place a big white rabbit on one side. You can it get in any toy shop or can also make one yourself.
The way from your entrance gate till the front door can be decorated with large alphabets to form, "Wonderland This Way". You can hang this on a wall that is between front door and the party room. Use colorful card papers for this decor item.
If you can manage in creating a rabbit-hole kind of entrance for your party room, then it would be a cherry on top. You can also decorate the door of your house with 13 cards of hearts. Get inspired by the eccentric behavior and get-up of the characters of this storybook illustrations and don't be afraid to use ideas which are offbeat and funky.

Table Decorations

For sitting arrangement, have a big table draped with a boldly patterned tablecloth. Get chairs of different heights and place a colorful tablecloth or table runner on the table. Have colorful plates and napkins for each guest.
Now, get some mismatched sets of teacups, saucers and teapots. Well, a special cake is a must. You can also have "eat me" written on it. For cake decorations, make frosting of teacups, saucers, and teapots.
You can use many colors in frosting. Perhaps, you can have a cake which has a tablecloth like frosting and add icing of small teacups and saucers placed over it.

Room Decorations

Grab all wall clocks in your house and use them for party room decoration. Hang them for creating the best wall decoration.
You can also place them on side tables or on a colored platter as a suitable centerpiece for the table. Hang them on the walls randomly, at different heights. Place two set of helium balloons in a corner to form a tall decor piece. You can keep them in place with balloon weights.
Also, make oversized playing cards and hang them on the walls. You can also hang playing cards on the doors. Moreover, you can also use a stack of colorful cups, teapots, saucers and other crockery on a side table or wall shelf. A big Alice doll can be the best part of this decoration.
Decorate the entire wall with tall flower stems, having large flowers and leaves. You can easily make this classic fantasy come alive in your backyard or house with just a few things.
To bring out the feeling of those funny looking trippy mushrooms, you can make big cut-outs of giant mushrooms and place them in strategic places in the room or garden. If you are good in arts and crafts projects, then make a heart-shaped chandelier out of paper and hang it on your ceiling.
Alice in wonderland decorating theme will be just incomplete without roses. Get a number of red and white roses and start decorating the area with these. You can also get rose bushes from stores and decorate them with different colored roses.
Place glass jars on side tables and fill them with these flowers. For some people, Alice in Wonderland is just a kids' storybook but for others, this is a wonderful chance of having lots of fun in a "curiouser and curiouser" way.
What's more, you can also dress up as if you have come straight out of that book and make merry with your friends. Just remember to not to get late like the white rabbit!