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8 Great Bowling Party Favor Ideas

Payal Kanjwani Mar 6, 2020
Amidst all the party planning, one of the crucial elements is deciding party favors! This story tries to replete you with astounding bowling party favor ideas.

A Unique DIY Favor!

Personalized homemade tattoos can make a great bowling party favor.
✦ Get tattoo paper and a printer
✦ Design a bowling tattoo
✦ Flip it before printing on the paper
✦ Bind with adhesive paper over top.
For kids, the most exciting part about going to a party is they can come back with a gift. Deciding party favors is a tedious job, and things get all the more difficult if you have a theme like the bowling party! These gifts should be well-thought of and creative so as to make your guests feel special, and at the same time shouldn't strain your budget.
While planning for birthday decorations, take some time out, and think about the favors that should be given. Consider the age-group of your invitees, and to some extent, their likes!
As this is a super-rocking bowling party, you might want to end it up on the same note, with favors totally synced with your theme. We've some amazing ideas to surprise your guests. These are unique, and can be implemented with little expenses.

Bowling Party T-shirts

They say, T-shirt-quotes do the talking for you. So, you can gift the kids with T-shirts that have either some quote related to bowling, or get some graphics done, featuring bowling element (bowling ball with mustache is very much in trend) on it. Get permanent markers, and have the kids sign the shirts. Kids can even wear these tees during the party.

Bowling Pin Drinkware

Coffee mugs are a signature gift. So, we thought of modifying the traditional norms of gifting mugs with cups and glasses that are either embossed with bowling pins or bowling ball, or have the permanent stickers on it. Here are some ideas. You can also gift water-bottles or shakers to kids. We bet bowlers (young kids) would love these.

Bowling Pin Candy Container

Who doesn't like candies? You can arrange a candy stall towards the exit area, making it work as both, party favors and desserts. Have glass containers with assorted sweets. You can also gift them with candy containers (take-home favors), have bowling pin-shaped containers (both glass and plastic would do, but considering kids, plastic jars are advisable).

Cuff links and Tie pins

It's the little details that can add a great impression. Cuff links and tie-bars are gaining momentum in the fashion industry. Gift the men at your party with metal cuff links and tie bars. If you can get alloy, it's better as alloy doesn't need to be polished. These can be embossed with bowling pins, or a bowler's trophy, trust me, a huge thing to receive for a bowler!

Bowling Party Bags

This is a DIY project. Get plain hand bags and/or tote bags, and get creative with them. You can glue hand-drawn bowling pins, or paste bowling stickers to accent the bags. Gift your guests these adorable bags, and thank them for making your party -a blast!

Bowling Party Jewelry

Impress your female guests by gifting them accessories that are imprinted with bowling elements. These can be bowling necklace, pendants, or even earrings. Imagine those cute, little bowling pins at your ear lobe.

Bowling Trophy

Have people at your party who excel in knocking down pins? Acknowledge their talent, and reward them with miniature trophies. Some sample designs have been given by us. Actually, you can make everyone feel like a winner at your party. Get plastic trophies from the party store and personalize them. You can embed their names on the trophy, fill the cups with chocolate balls, or those tiny bowling pins.

Napkins & Towels

These days, you get various designs embroidered on fabric. In fact, sports share a big part in these designs; design patterns that involve football or bowling elements are easily available. If not, using digital sublimation, you can infuse bowling set on towels and napkins. We have a few ideas for you. Aren't these super-cute?
Other than these, you can give out bowling kits to your guests, or favor tags with something like, 'Thank you for rolling it with me', 'Thank you for making a strike at my party!' Get innovative, and have a blast!