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80th Birthday Ideas for Men

Rujuta Borkar Feb 12, 2020
It's his 80th birthday and you're all set with the planning for the big day. With so much planning to do and things needing to be done, you haven't had much time to think about what to give the birthday boy. We have a solution for you right here. Read this Story for some great ideas on how to celebrate this special day and the kind of gifts to give.
"The advantage of being eighty years old is that one has had many people to love."

― Jean Renoir
Someone close to you is having their 80th birthday―it could be your father, your spouse, your brother ... the point is, it's a very important event and a very, very big deal. So of course you're planning a celebration for this special occasion.
And while you have an idea of what to do for that day, there are several things that are undecided. To help you with that and ease your planning a little (or a lot), we have for you some of the best 80th birthday gifts for men.
Peruse through this, either for inspiration, or for a ready list of the things that you can think of getting for that special someone. The following is a list that you can use.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

The following list is a great mix of the kind of things that you can do for the birthday party―gifts and ideas included.

The 'The Family's Getting Together'

...and his friends, of course. He'd love the fact that all the people who are important to him, and with whom he shares so many memories, have all gathered to wish him.
It'll show him how much everyone cares. At the stage of life that he is in, thoughts of not being around for long must be making way frequently. These can be easily quelled by his family and friends being around and getting him out of those depressing thoughts.

The 'We're Giving Him Our Time'

I've seen this happen quite often―when someone is turning 80―and pretty much everything in life has been taken care of―somehow the materialistic things become inconsequential, one starts turning inwards, and valuing friends and family more.
What could be a greater gift than 'time' for the 80th birthday then? If you haven't been visiting the birthday boy as often, make sure that you do. Plan a trip with your family, even better. If it's your father or uncle, I'm sure he'd love to spend time with his grand kids. Take them over and let him enjoy the feeling of being a granddad.

The 'We're Making Him a Memory Book'

This is a really heartwarming and overwhelming gift to present someone with―make him a scrapbook, or an album of all his special memories.
Think photos, letters, memorabilia, and other similar things. Gather about some of his best memories and put them in the form of a book or even just a photo album. Something on the same lines would be a documentary film that has bites of his family members, colleagues, and friends ... something that he'll cherish forever.

The 'We're Putting up a Play!'

This idea is usually used as part of weddings in certain Indian communities but you can use the idea for this occasion as well.  So what you do is you take an important incident of his life and reenact it for him.
The part that promises the most fun is a rendition of his love story through songs. You can either parody the whole act or present it the way that it actually happened. This act always evokes a whole lot of giggles and is usually a lot of fun to watch as well―for the couple and everyone else present there.

The 'Look at the 80 Messages in a Box!'

80 is the keyword here and boy do we have a great idea for what to do for this next gift―get in touch with all his family and friends and ask each one of them to write a memory of the birthday boy.
Then gather all these memories, write them onto chits, and pack them in individual boxes with ribbons. Present these boxes to him and have him read them out one by one. That, or you could read it out to him. It's a great gift with a combination of some sad, some funny, and some emotional messages.

The 'We Framed His Favorite Memory'

A photo frame is always a great gift to give on such occasions and is highly cherished as well. You could give him a photo frame of a special memory with their spouse (like this image here where the couple is just having some silly, unadulterated fun coming down the slides).
Or it could be something highlighting other relationships in his life―like you and him or his grandkids and him. Something that will make him smile every time he looks at the frame.

The 'We Gave Him a Quirky T-shirt!'

Do they have a great sense of humor that you can appeal to? How about something like this T-shirt you saw? Of course you don't have to go in for the exact wordings―but frankly, we think they are darn good as they are.

The 'We Got Him All These Assorted Gifts'

Here are some other gifts that you can gather up in a basket and present it to him all at once. How about some fluffy slippers and some essential oils for his bath? At that age, you not only want him to be comfortable, but also feel pampered. These small gifts will do exactly that.
Another great idea is to give him a bright-colored flower in a pot. The bright color will always lift his mood and it's a great, really positive aura to have around.
Another simple idea is to give him potted plant that has been decorated with money. It looks really neat and is a great way to gift him money, instead of having to give it in a bundle or in an envelope.
And there you have it, some of the most creative 80th birthday ideas for men that you can use and turn that event into something really special. Ready to get to it then? Have fun! And I'm sure he'll love it.