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Innovative 80th Birthday Ideas for Women

Rohini Mohan Feb 16, 2020
Is your mom or grandma completing her 80th year soon? Here are some sweet 80th birthday ideas for women from which you can take inspiration from, to make this significant day all the more special for her...
For those who turn 80, life has taken a complete circle. They have been there and done that. And no matter what we do or say, they will always have the upper hand. They will always be wiser and they will never cease to stop treating us as their children.
To know that such a protective presence exists in our lives is itself a blessing. Many a times grandparents are people's best friends and knowing that they are still around gives peace to their heart. So here are a few things that you can do for your grandma for her 80th birthday.

Good Old Days

Set a theme that takes your mother or grandmother and all her friends back to the heppest era of their yesteryear. Make them dress up like the way they used to back then, requesting all her friends to do the same. You could also try to dress up like one of the most desired and admired actresses or singers, so as to join in, in all the festivities.
Play music which was popular during those years.
It would be so amazing to see the whole bunch of you reliving a bit of the good old days.

Make Time for Charity

You need not give anything for charity. Though if you can then try donating a bit for the unprivileged. Go visit an old age home with your mom, where you can meet other elderly people who were not as blessed as her.
You may even visit an orphanage and let your mom or grandma spend a few hours talking to the children. Take treats along for them and perhaps she can cut her birthday cake among them. The kids would absolutely love the gesture and will remember the day forever.

Help Her Dreams Come True

If she haven't already seen all her dreams coming true, then perhaps her 80th birthday is the precise wake up call she needs.
Ask her to pen down all her wishes in a bucket list and help her set out on achieving them. If she has been wanting to make amends and improve relationships with somebody, now is the time to do it.
If she has always wished to visit a particular destination, now is the time to go there together. Encourage her to try out all those things that she always desired to do. She'll feel like a load has been taken off her soul, when she realizes that she is finally living her own dreams.

Family Time

It will be your duty to call the entire family tree home, or book a special place near a beach or closer to home. Invite each and every one to her birthday party. This is the time to let them know how much she cares about them.
Let her meet her other children, grandchildren and who knows if she's lucky enough, may be even her great-grandchildren! Invite old crushes and classmates whom she hasn't met for decades. If not now then when will she ever do the things that her heart always desired and craved for.

For God's Sake

If your mother or grandmother is really religious, then make it your plan to visit all the important places of worship near your place or within your country along with her.
Request her to make a journal of all her visits, how you both felt and the things you experienced during your journeys. If you are lucky enough, may be a friend would like to join you on this trip. If you think this idea is farfetched, you'd be surprised to know how many other 80 year old's have tried it and loved every minute of it.

Thank You for Being There

Let your mom or any other special woman in your life know how grateful you are for the love and care they have given you. Thank her with all your heart.
You can bake a cake for her. You can also make a small short movie which includes videos of the family when you were still kids. Or you could gift her with a prepared photo collage containing photographs of all the important people in her life as well as cherished memories.

Which Year Is It Again?

Take a note of the time that your mom or grandma always reminisces about and attempt to gift her something special from that era. You could make a yearlong calendar that extends to her 81st birthday, wherein each page would show her favorite actors or a photo of a theater she used to visit earlier, or group photographs from her high school or college.
You may add photos of her wedding day, or her first-born, her day of graduation. These options are enough to fill 12 pages for making a memorable calendar.
No matter what you do for her or gift her, rest assured and relax, because she will love you no matter what.
Even small gifts like a card or flowers are sometimes all that takes to make someone feel special. May be all she'll need is that you be there with her for her special day or let's just call it a landmark in her life.