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80th Birthday Ideas

Saptakee Sengupta Feb 12, 2020
80th birthday ideas should be relevant with the figure reached by the person. This article shall present you with the best gift ideas for your mom or dad, who is just about to turn 80.
Not everybody gets the opportunity to celebrate their parents' 80th birthday. And you can consider yourself as the lucky one. It will truly be the moment of a lifetime wherein you stroll down the memory lane exploring life's milestones. It's a day to cherish and rejoice. You want the birthday party to be unique and special, one that your parents are sure to love. Here's presenting you with the exclusive way to make the 80th birthday of your parents grand.

Ideas for Dad

This is the time to gift your dad something matching with his age. The list below shall furnish you with the birthday gifts for dad, that will indeed earn you a great deal of appreciation.

A Documentary

A documentary of a father-child relationship or of family bonding, symbolizing the importance of dad, is one of the best gifts at this old age. You have to search for the best documentaries from the Internet and then make a collection of those. You can also take the help of film production students or any amateur film enthusiast for proper guidance in order to make the project successful.

A Memorabilia

Make a photo collage of snapshots. It will contain all the events stretching his life in succession. To work out this birthday gift idea, you have to collect the pictures right from his birth. Then dad as a college grad, on job, and finally marriage. The final page will contain snaps of your dad of the day just before he hits 80. The old images will make him laugh. Embellish the album creatively and then gift him.

Medley of Songs

Music can heal every little pain of old age. For this, you need to make a list of all his favorite songs and then scrounge them up in a CD. The musical opus shall be his companion at times of loneliness (as old age is known for). When the songs of his choice are packed together, I'm sure he will listen to them over and again. This would be a great musical treat and a lot fun too.

Ideas for Mom

Grandchildren looking for gift ideas for grandma, can merrily adopt the ideas, mentioned in the following segment. Moms or grandmas, usually get overwhelmed with emotions if you do something special for them and few such special gifts on their birthday are written just below.

A Religious Gift

80 years is symbolic of rituals and religions. Your mom/grandma might be busy serving God during the last phase of life. To respect to her values and morality, you can gift her a beautiful religious piece. Idols of Gods she has faith in or holy books. This is one of the best ethnic birthday gifts on 80th birthday.

A Hearty Gift

A message of love emboldened with gratitude is one of the best gifts for your mom. Make a scrapbook for her, penning down the wonderful moments you spent with her. Write down the experiences you shared with her since childhood and thank her by glorifying her presence in your life. Well, this can be sentimental, it can fill her with tears of happiness.

Designer Jewelry

Don't you want to deck up your mom on her 80th birthday? Let your mom dazzle on her birthday adorned with jewelry. If your mom is a fashion frenzy (even at 80!), just go for the contemporary trends. The other option is to gift her some beautiful pieces of traditional jewelry. There are a plenty of designs for traditional jewelry available at the jewelry houses. I'm sure she would love this gift.

80th Birthday Ideas: Celebrations

Finally you have succeeded in deciding the gift. So what next? It's the time for celebration with some party ideas. Invite your friends and family members. Don't forget to include your dad's/mom's companions. They would love their presence. You can decorate the celebration hall with 80 candles and 80 different flowers. Order for a huge birthday cake, symbolizing the enormity of life at 80. You can also decorate the walls by hanging 80 variety of cards, each having a specific theme. This would be simply appealing. Arrange for good food and drinks. Let everyone brim with life on this grand occasion.
You can follow the aforementioned ideas or use them to come up with your own creative ideas. Let your parents enjoy and feel very special on this big day.