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75th Birthday Gift Ideas

Saptakee Sengupta
A 75th birthday is a big deal. Not everyone is as lucky to celebrate it. So the 'racking-your-brain-to-find-that-perfect-gift' for that special someone is of course encouraged.
Celebrating one's 75th birthday is indeed a glorious and special occasion. More so for the children because rarely do they get the opportunity to celebrate the platinum jubilee of their parent's birthday. So it's quite the expected thing that to make this occasion memorable, you will start planning for something special.
A party maybe? With all their close friends and relatives perhaps? But is that enough to make the birthday grand? What about the gifts? Cause, really, is any birthday complete without gifts? And since it's the 75th birthday we are talking about, no ordinary gift will do either. Then what? Ideas for that will follow in the next section.

75ᵗʰ Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Memory Locked Album

At this age, a photo collage containing snapshots of all wonderful moments of his life would be an excellent memorabilia for him.
Arrange the pictures chronologically, right from the day he was born, i.e dad as a kid, dad as a college grad, dad on job and then dad wooing your mom. Wrap it beautifully and gift him.

Collection of Songs

This would be a priceless gift for your dad on his 75th birthday. A medley of songs comprising all his favorite compositions would be a great gift idea.
Scrounge them up in a compact disc and gift him. He will be joyous to listen to his favorite music over and again.

A Bottle of Wine

The vintage age, deserves a bottle of vintage wine. A bottle of regal wine, though common, has a unique traditional flavor.
This will definitely remind your dad of his youthful days when he must be spending hours with his peers, sipping a glass of wine and puffing a cigar.

Favorite Hobbies

Gifting your dad his favorite sport goods or hobby items is also a good way to let him feel active at this age. You can present him golf bag figures, billiard cue, fishing poles, etc. This would further rejuvenate his mind and he can engross himself in pursuing his hobby at his leisure hours.

75ᵗʰ Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom


Gifting her traditional jewelry is indeed a grand affair. You can select beautiful ornaments of gold, diamond, silver or platinum. Look for the specific designs that she is utterly fond of and has yearned for. Keep it a surprise and present it on her birthday.

New Companion

What else could be her best companion at this old age? A pet? Right. If she is fond of animals and birds, just present her a cute dog or beautiful species of birds. Passing time with pets will definitely enliven her mind. The pet will also be happy to get an oldie mistress.

Message of Love

You can write down your experiences with your mom by glorifying her company with you right from your childhood till date. Make her feel special by emphasizing how much she means to you and that she is still the world for you. These words of belonging, attachment and love would definitely add a smile on her lips.

Religious Piece

At this age, your mom must be engaging herself into worshiping Gods and performing rituals. If this observation is true, then gift her holy books or idols of Gods and Goddesses. I'm sure the happiness she derives cannot be equaled to anything else.