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5 Fun Christmas Party Ideas

Mikkie Mills Nov 29, 2019
When the weather turns colder and you’re feeling festive, organize a holiday celebration for your friends and family members. Along with preparing seasonal beverages and delicious snacks, organize a series of games that will make the event even more memorable. In addition to great food and fun conversations, your guests will cherish the memories they make.

1. Gift Exchange

Rather than expect everyone to bring presents for all of the other invitees – or risk some of the guests feeling left out - play an exchange gifts party game. Require each person to bring an item to participate. Suggest a winter theme that will encourage people to bring things such as playful mittens, warm food socks, scarves, candles or teas.

2. Christmas Song Bingo

Keep everyone on their toes by handing out bingo cards as they enter the party. Fill each grid ahead of time with popular Christmas songs in random orders. During the gathering, play holiday music in the background and encourage guests to mark off the spots on their papers if they hear one of their titles played. Hand out prizes such as gift cards.

3. Holiday Charades

Split the group into two teams and have slips of paper in a Santa hat that participants will have to act out for their teammates. Consider such items as “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", or "silent night". Consider turning it into a drawing game instead. Give each team an easel with a marker and let them draw the clues instead without speaking or gesturing.

4. Guessing Games

Prior to the party, place one or two holiday-related items – such as a candy cane, snow globe, or gift card– in a Christmas stocking. Pass the stockings around the group, asking players to gently feel or shake them to try to guess what’s inside. After divulging the answers, allow the person who got the most correct answers to take all of the stockings home.

5. Card Swap

Organizing a card swap in which each person brings a tore-bought Christmas card featuring a personalized message inside. Be sure to instruct guests not to write anyone’s name on the card, as they won’t know who will receive it. Instead ask them to include a photo or a write a message inside. Allow each person to choose one card without seeing it beforehand.


Don’t let your holiday celebration turn into an ordinary dinner party with food and conversations around the table. A variety of themed events will enable your guests to celebrate the season, their friendships and their appreciation for the memorable event you organized for them.