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50th Birthday Cake Ideas

Sheetal Mandora Feb 12, 2020
Planning a 50th birthday party for yourself or someone you know and need help with getting the perfect cake? Take a look at some ideas presented here, as it is the most crucial element of any birthday celebration.
No matter how old you may be, birthdays will always be special. And when it's a milestone such as the 50th birthday, then the celebrations are much more exceptional. Now apart from the essential requirements for any party, everyone looks forward to getting a scrumptious slice of the cake.
If it's your birthday or someone that you know (a family member or close friend), and you wish to get a special cake for the event, we've got some suggestions that may be of some use. The design, shape, flavor, and theme of the cake will vary according to the birthday boy's or girl's taste.
Choose a design that is lively, fun, and innovative that will surprise the birthday person and the guests as well. So without further ado, let's take a look at some 50th birthday cake ideas mentioned in below.

Cake Ideas for Women

Topsy-turvy Tiered Cake

Layers of cake, yummy! Now that's what I call a birthday celebration.
Make a two, three, or even four-tier cake with different fillings in each layer such as chocolate, buttercream, custard cream, raspberry purée, chocolate mousse, lemon French cream, strawberry jam, etc.; it's going to be more than just delicious.
And the best part is, the cake will have a topsy-turvy design with various types of decoration on top. Using the icing and fondant, the cake can be decorated in different colors.

Music Cake

This idea may sound a bit vague, but the fact is you can try different ways to approach it.
For this cake, you can either have it shaped like a 3D musical instrument, draw the face of a music artist on top, design it with music notes, or sheet music. The cake will also help you in finalizing the theme of the party - music and dance. You can have a guitar-shaped cake with a few lines written on it from her favorite song.

Hollywood Cake

With this design, you cannot go wrong; ever. The design of the cake can be of either a movie star or a particular movie. Inquire which actor or actress she likes and which is her favorite movie, and you will have the perfect cake. And if you want to surprise her and don't want to give the theme away, try some classic movies.

Shopaholic Cake

If she's into shopping and brands, then this cake is perfect for her. Give the cake a shape of a purse, shopping bags, dress, hat, makeup bag, shoes, etc., and decorate it accordingly.
With vibrant colors and decoration options, the cake will look absolutely fabulous. This cake works really well with a theme where the guests are dressed in style.

Cake Ideas for Men

Poker Cake

If the birthday boy loves to play poker with his buddies, here's a neat idea. You can get the cake prepared in this theme.
The cake can be decorated with casino tokens, deck of cards, and game dice made with fondant. The shape of the cake will differ, depending on your choice. It can either be the poker table's shape, in layers, or in the shape of spread cards. With special embellishments to consider, this cake can really be the center of attention at the party.

Sports Cake

This cake can be slightly old-fashioned, but a "can't go wrong" decoration that will cheer everyone at the party. To begin the celebration, you can make the entire day a grand affair. Before you can present the cake, you can take him to a game.
Now if it's summer time, take him to see his favorite game like baseball, golf, or tennis; during winters, perhaps a game of ice hockey or snowboarding? After the game, you have a special cake ready for him (depending on which game you just went to). This way, the cake will make a lot of sense.

Car Cake

We all know that men have an age-old fascination with cars. Let it be vintage cars or sports cars, anything with wheels on it will make them fall in love with it. So, why not turn this idea into a cake.
There are many pastry and bakery shops that custom-design cakes and can concoct one for you into your choice of car. But before you go any further, it's important to be aware of which particular car the birthday boy is interested in.
The most popular choices are Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, or any of the Formula 1 racing cars. Ask family members and friends to help you out and create a miniature car cake for him.

Sailboat Cake

As the name suggests, this cake can either be shaped like a sailboat or it can have the image of one on top. Whichever shape you decide on, the concept of the cake works well if the birthday boy is into sailing.
You can have small fondant figurines of himself at the steering with the rest of the family on it. If he's not so much interested in sailing, the cake can also be made into the shape of a plane, kayak, canoe, bicycle, skis and snow-covered mountains, and even mountains with him climbing it.
Aren't these ideas fun to try? Pick one that suits best for the birthday boy.
Whether you are preparing the cake at home or ordering it from some novelty cake store, the next step will be to decide the flavor of the cake. There are plenty of ideas like milk or dark chocolate, french vanilla, strawberry, carrot cake, banana, yellow marble, cherry, and many more. Once the cake design, shape, size, and decorations have been decided, you can move on to enjoying the party.