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50th Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Coming up with different 50th birthday party themes is always a difficult job. Read this Story to know some new and exciting party themes for a 50th birthday.
After a man is 50, you can fool him by saying he is smart, but you can't fool him by saying he's pretty.―E.W. House
This is a common feeling for an individual who is turning 50 soon. As you come closer towards a half-century, you pretty much feel low because of the old age and constant new changes that are happening in your life. We must all have come across a loved one who is turning 50 and is tense about the future. We cannot solve their problems, but why not throw them an awesome birthday party, so that they can forget their worries and embrace this beautiful age with grace and happiness.

Themes for a 50th Birthday Party

Turning 50 is a huge deal for a lot of people; some are sad as it comes, while others embrace it with happiness and dignity. Always remember, you have to make the birthday boy/girl happy and make him/her feel that a new life is starting, and turning 50 does not mean the end of the world.

Refreshing Memories

This sounds like a very subtle party theme idea, but it always has a feel good factor attached to it. Memory birthdays always mean a lot to the birthday person; seeing all the old memories gives us a valuable chance to see the birthday person's accomplishments and experiences.
It is a great theme for a surprise 50th birthday party. Get in touch with old friends of the birthday person, and ask for old trophies and photographs form school and college. Select a venue and decorate it old style and arrange all these accolades on a separate table which is to be kept on the dais or the center area of the venue.
Also remember to arrange diplomas and different certificates won by the birthday person in his/her academic years.

Funeral Party

Use this theme for the person who has a sense of humor and who can tolerate some good jokes. If you think the birthday boy/girl has become very vulnerable because of the growing age factor, forget this. The venue should be decorated black, and feature all kinds of artifacts used or related to a funeral.
Hang black curtains on the wall with scary pictures sticking to them, you can also make all the guests dress in their black funeral dresses and jackets. If you are all going out to eat, then riding in a black limo or hearse is a good idea.
Though this all sounds like a lot of fun, just make sure that the person you are doing this for feels happy and appreciates your funny gesture.

Beach Party

Having a beach party is one of the most recommended and popular 50th birthday themes for women. A beach is an ideal location when it comes for selecting a venue for a birthday party. Select a location where you wouldn't face any legal issues.
Whether you are planning this party for your mother, wife, or sister, make it a memorable occasion. Invite all her friends and colleagues from school, college, and work.
Organize drinks and barbecue appetizers to complete the beach party. If you are having the party in winter, you can plan an indoor beach party where you wear Hawaiian shirts and play with sand.

Cheese and Wine Tasting

Many people believe that 50 is an age of maturity; if your wife or mother believes this way, then plan a very sophisticated and mature cheese and wine tasting party.
Decorate the menu with some classic curtains, table cloths, and napkins, use fancy china and silverware on the table. Six to seven good wines, half a dozen good quality cheeses, and quiet and classical music should make the party complete.
You can also try and include some birthday party games such as describing the wine and cheese in an outrageous way, or talking about some good experiences you shared with the birthday person.
You can also use your own creativity and come up with new ideas for a loved one. Just make sure that you make the birthday person feel happy about his/her age. It's rightly said, if you celebrate your birthday with joy and cheer, then this the best present you can give yourself.