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50th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

Divya Bichu Feb 16, 2020
The man in your life is about to celebrate his golden birthday, the big 5-oh! Everything's got to be perfect: the party, the food, the gifts, everything! Help him celebrate his 50th birthday in style, for Victor Hugo said that "Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age."
Old is gold, and gold spells out 50 years, 50 glorious life of the man who has seen it all, done it all. Your father, your husband, your brother, whoever it is, celebrating a 50th birthday is a milestone that is to be heralded with much grandeur. Here's how you can do just that.

Notes and a Party

Now, you're probably thinking that this is common, but it can be made unique and different. Begin the birthday boy's day with small notes in the sequence of his daily routine.
Let him find a note in the washroom, then the breakfast table, then at the lunch table and so on. The notes can say anything you like about him and have been wanting to tell him for a long time. The notes can lead him to the party as well, where all the invitees and you have gathered beforehand. He will be thoroughly surprised!
You all can also buy him fifty gifts, all of which reflect his personality. Arrange for his favorite food and have some and surprise him with something he is not expecting.

Theme Party

Theme parties are popular and super fun. Organize the wackiest of themes like a pajama party. Ask all the invitees to come in their nightdresses, arrange for a stayover and enjoy the entire night partying.
Themes from the historic era, where all come dressed like just out of history books, would make a good theme party. A Hollywood theme is exciting where you identify yourself with some Hollywood star and come dressed like them. Have candid cameras and posters, creating a complete movie atmosphere.
Even though the next theme would sound a little cheesy, all of us are kids at heart, however old we may grow. Therefore, a cartoon theme is also fun to relive those childhood memories. Themes parties are fun, but make sure the birthday boy is comfortable with the same. After all, the guest of honor has to be extremely pleased.

Nostalgia Time

Let his mind walk down the memory lane... get him nostalgic.
Prepare a video montage or a movie about his life journey, right from his birth, school days, college days, at work, his achievements, and simultaneously you can have his parents, teachers, and colleagues say something about him or about a cherished memory they share with the birthday boy.
You can also invite his college friends, former and present colleagues from his workplaces, making it like a reunion.
Also, remember to play the music that he grew up listening to, like ABBA, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richards, Boney M, The Beatles, Bee Gees, and so on. Trust me, he will love to relive those times with these songs.

Sweet Gesture

Nothing seems more satisfying than helping others or knowing that you were the reason why they smiled. Your close family and you can plan for a celebration at an orphanage or an old age home, and include them in your happiness.
This is a beautiful act of spreading goodness and joy amongst people who hardly get to experience such occasions. You can also host this party in the noon and have a different celebration in the evening with your friends and family.

Creativity at its Peak

If the birthday boy happens to be a music freak, call for a live orchestra to play his favorite songs. The birthday boy and his partner can also take salsa dance lessons a few days before the party, and go all mushy, to give a romantic, yet sizzling performance at the party.
If you intend to spend a lot of money, book an entire island for his birthday, arrange for all his favorite things and have a blast. Ultimately, celebration is the bottom line.
Now, it can be in a big group or just the close family. Take the birthday boy out and engage in doing all his favorite things, like sailing if he likes that, watching his favorite movie, shopping, playing golf, etc. Make every moment special for the birthday boy.
Turning 50 for most people is about getting old, but actually it's a pile of cherished memories spent with your loved ones, times you laughed uncontrollably, times you escaped the biggest crises, how you came out strong after a big failure, or how you built an empire from scratch. It's about celebrating these precious moments, about reliving them.
A 50th birthday calls for a grand party to celebrate the spirit of life and be proud about the fact that you lived 50 long years of a meaningful life with dignity.