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Brilliant Ideas for 50th Birthday Cakes

Medha Godbole Feb 23, 2020
Birthday cakes have to match the significance of the occasion and so they have to be really special. Read on to find out more about them.
Gillian was excited because her mother was turning 50 in the coming week. It was a very special occasion for her, and of course her mother. Half a decade was something which demanded special celebration. 
Pondering over the party which she was planning to host for her mother, she was stuck up on the cake. She was thinking about umpteen options for the birthday cake, and after a lot of speculation and thinking she settled on a cake idea.
Quite a few amongst those reading this must have been there done that with regards to someone's 50th birthday. It is a milestone and it cannot be ignored. Moreover, can a birthday celebration be sans a cake? It cannot be.

Life's an Open Book

This is a stage of life when a person has seen all the ups and downs and shared those gamut of experiences with others.
A person's life is an open book for some of those, whom that individual considers as closest. This concept is a perfect answer for a design for golden jubilee birthday. To make that cake more jazzy, some important dates of that individual's life can be inscribed with icing on the cake book pages.

Tier it Up

If you cannot think of any unique idea, simply order a five tier cake! The concept is easy - each of the tier is a reflection and representation of each of the decade of the person's life. To make the cake look more attractive, edible flowers and gold beads would be perfect. Let each tier have something relevant to the years in that person's life.

Simple and Sweet

Have a double tier cake, which just has nicely iced and decorated numbers 5 and 0 on it. It can be a real showstopper if gotten from a proper place, where they make this stuff very nicely.
The options to look out would be a local party store or a cake shop or specialty restaurants.


Among some more interesting ideas is a wishing well cake. A wishing well cake epitomizes the wishes of that person which would come true in the future.
For this kind of a cake, a round shape is required as the base with fondant icing. Have the decorations appear as if there are rocks on it. Add to it some small decorative flowers on the edges. Another decoration that can be done to complete the effect is take a green platter for serving, which will look like grass around the well.

Gold is Gold

Talk of anniversaries and the number 50 is associated with gold and is consequently called the golden jubilee. This idea is perfect for a 50th birthday. Have a frosted cake with white icing and for trimming, use golden colored icing. For the gold roses, you can either buy them or spray paint them, and put the lovely roses on the platter.
A golden ribbon down the sides and a golden bow on top of the cake will further accentuate the golden effect well.
Last but not the least, just see what kind of a personality the individual has. Trying and having cake like that will be absolutely amazing for the occasion!